After about two years on the market, Camden has found a buyer for the old Town Hall in DZ Properties LLC. The two women behind this LLC plan to open a compound pharmacy.

The old Camden Town Hall was vacated in 2008, when the new Town Hall opened upon completion of Camden’s capital construction project.

Since then, the town has sought to sell the property, Town Manager James O. Plumley III said. After about two years on the market, Camden has found a buyer in DZ Properties LLC.

Harrington Realty’s Joe Parks, the listing agent, and Keller Williams Realty's Laurie Ferris, the selling agent, are scheduled to go to settlement with their respective clients on Oct. 31.

The 2,233 square-foot building has had two additions since its original construction, Plumley said. The original building was much smaller.

“At one point, it was a grocery store. Then It became a bank,” he said. “In 1986, we took the building from the bank, and in 2008 we moved to our new building.”

DZ Properties represents two pharmacists who plan to open up a compound pharmacy to work with the bigger chains, Plumley said. Compound pharmacists can take a pill that is difficult to swallow for some people and turn it into a lollipop, among other things.

The old Camden Town Hall is an old building, but it’s not listed within the National Registry of Historic Places. Therefore, there are no restrictions on renovating or even razing the building.

“They’ve just promised to clean it up and do something real nice with it, which I think they will,” Plumley said, referring to DZ Properties. “They’re going to be a great asset to our town.

"The price [$185,900] was right on target, but the fact that they are going to be owner occupied was also very attractive," he said. "It’s a perfect, perfect fit for our small community. They’re going to be a tremendous asset to us. They’re going to do some improvements to the building. It‘ll help that intersection and make it look a lot nicer.”

The pharmacists that comprise DZ Properties could not be reached for comment.