Smyrna folk/country trio !Mule Train! return to The Young Bean Coffee Shop on Friday to serve listeners another healthy dose of heavy acoustic tunes. The free show begins at 6 p.m.

Smyrna folk/country trio !Mule Train! return to The Young Bean Coffee Shop on Friday to serve listeners another healthy dose of heavy acoustic tunes. The free show begins tonight at 6 p.m.

Tammy Perlot, who plays percussion in the band, spoke with the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times about Friday’s show – which will mark the band’s third performance at the Young Bean.

WHAT !Mule Train! concert at the Young Bean

WHEN 6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 21

WHERE The Young Bean Coffee Shop 314 Main Street, Clayton



Q How excited are you to return to the Young Bean?
A The Young Bean is a great room. We love playing there. There’s always a good response. The acoustics in the room are fabulous. The owner’s nice.

Q How did you guys come up with the name !Mule Train!?
A We were just playing with different words and stringing different words together and that was one that we came up with, and it fit us the best. Part of the train concept is that we have guest musicians who [sometimes] sit in with us and they just become another car on our mule train.

Q What is the inspiration behind the band’s songs?
A John [Corrigan] and [my husband] Scott are the songwriters in the band; I have not written any of the material. For most of the songs, the inspiration comes from their day-to-day life. There’s one song that John wrote called “The Anti Country Song.” He was listening to country radio one day and hearing all these songs, one song after another, talking about: how perfect life is, and we’re all happy and in love, and everything is great; he started thinking: “Well, I don’t have any of that; I’m still single.” And that’s how that song evolved. 

Q How did the band come about?
A It was kind of funny how it happened. I met [my husband] Scott through his [former] band [Delaware Rags] – and we had been dating for a while – and after one of their shows one night, we were all… just kind of hanging out. They were playing music, and I didn’t play any music. Someone handed me a washboard and said, “Do you think you can keep time?” I said, “I don’t know; I’ll give it a shot.” Apparently I could keep time very well [laughs]. Those guys broke up and, I guess, probably, five or six months later, !Mule Train! kind of came about with two of the original members, with John and Scott, from [Delaware Rags].


Name Tammy Perlot

Age 42

Residence Smyrna

Talent percussionist and singer

Favorite band Railroad Earth

Inspiration The Beatles, Beyond the Mountain String Band

Q How has the band evolved since it was formed in 2007?
A Just from playing together more, I’ve become more comfortable playing different percussion instruments all at the same time. Since we started playing, our sound has filled out a lot; you probably wouldn’t have guessed that we only had three people.    

Q What kind of percussion do you play in the group?
A I play a washboard, shakers and Indian dancing bells.

Q So you actually stuck with the washboard?
A The washboard stuck. I figured out ways to tie together some bamboo drum sticks with drum brushes to get the sound that I wanted. I also use fingerpicks as well. I alternate depending on the song we’re playing.

Q How do you start playing Indian dancing bells?
A They’re used in traditional Indian belly dance and they’re worn around the ankles to pretty much keep yourself in-check and in-time when you’re dancing.