First-time playwright Margaret Guy has rolled drama, comedy and a little something extra, in her inspiration gospel play “Property of God.”

First-time playwright Margaret Guy has rolled drama, comedy and a little something extra, in her inspiration gospel play “Property of God.”

The production will premiere at St. Paul UAME Church in Wilmington Aug. 28 at 4 p.m.

Proceeds from the production will benefit the UAME Church, where Guy is a member, under Pastor Charles Amos. Proceeds will also benefit needy families through Sweet Revenge Ladies, a non-profit organization Guy founded with 10 friends in 1978, designed to get “sweet revenge” against poverty and diseases. The organization has eight chapters throughout the country, including three in Delaware:  Dover, another between Smyrna and Townsend, and a chapter in Wilmington.

On a cold snowy night, Ethel (Carmen Albert) awakens to the bitter aroma of smoke. With her husband still asleep in bed, she makes her way downstairs and discovers her house is on fire. In a panic, Ethel rushes to rescue her children. Despite the thick, heavy smoke, she manages to find three of her five kids and lowers them out the window of her two-story home, and into the snow.

Meanwhile, the fire burns brighter by the second, and her two remaining children and husband are nowhere to be found inside the home. Realizing she might not make it out alive herself, she leaps out the window and breaks both of her legs, disabling her for the rest of her life.

More than a decade later, she remarries Jake (Nathaniel Johnson), an alcoholic who despises her children, especially Michael (Ra’Shawn Maddrey-Reed), her drug-addicted son.

WHAT ‘Property of God’

WHEN 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 28

WHERE St. Paul UAME Church, 3114 Market St., Wilmington, DE

COST $10 advance; $12 door

INFO Call 981-9594

It appears the entire household is hopeless, until God intervenes. 

How it started
While many playwrights spend months or even years penning a script, it only took Guy one day to write “Property of God.” On a typical day this past June, she received an encounter from God, which sparked the entire project.

“He gave me a vision and I went for it,” said Guy, who grew up in Wilmington and graduated from Howard High School in 1969. “I was just lying on the couch one day. It came to me and I just started writing.”

As if that wasn’t peculiar enough, Guy also mentioned that her script doesn’t include specific lines for her cast. Instead she gives her performers an outline of what their characters’ motivations are during a given scene, and suggests dialogue that they could recite, since most of her performers have little to no acting experience. The cast merely got on board with the production because they wanted to support a good cause.

“I was doing some singing in Dover, about a month, or so, ago, and she asked me if I would be interested in helping in a play called ‘God’s Property,”’ said Albert of Port Penn. “I said, ‘Sure. Anything I can do, I’ll do it for you. ’”

Maddrey-Reed also didn’t mind lending Guy a hand, even though it meant he’d have to play a “crack head” who sings love songs to prescription pill bottles.

“I like the fact that the play is adlibbed, because I get to say what I want,” said the 17-year-old Maddrey-Reed, of Wilmington, who is a senior at Concord High School.  “It would take me a long time to learn a script.”