Clayton-area rock band Devolver has been selected to perform at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, but they’ll be showcasing their talents closer to home on Saturday in New Castle.

Clayton-area rock band Devolver has been selected to perform at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, but they’ll be showcasing their talents closer to home on Saturday in New Castle.

The concert at JB McGinnes Pub and Grille will kick off at 7 p.m. Admission is $5.


WHAT Devolver in concert

WHEN 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20

WHERE JB McGinnes Pub and Grille, 519 East Basin Road, New Castle



Since Devolver was founded in late 2010, the group has been on a roll. Now they’re looking forward to the South by Southwest Festival (SXSY) in March of 2012, one of the largest music festivals in the country, with more than 2,000 bands playing at nearly 100 venues over four days.

The Sun-Times caught up with Devolver front man Ryan Langshaw and his younger brother, guitarist Evan Langshaw, who both graduated from Smyrna High School, to discuss their new management deal, their prospects of signing with a record label and more.      

Q What led to the band recently signing a management deal with Black Ice Entertainment and Joe Gingerella? (Gingeralla has worked with several bands such as Korn and Alien Ant Farm.)

A Evan: What led to that was we knew some people that had known Joe and we just kind of reached out to him because we obviously have been looking to take steps to become a national band. Once Joe had heard our songs he had checked out the band and everything, and he really liked everything that he heard. He got in contact with us and he extended an offer out to us.

Q What kind of insight have you guys gained from Joe?

A Evan: With me personally, he’s kind of shown us exactly what the expectations are in the music industry and what the record labels want to see, and what he wants us to do in order to get in position to give them what they want. And not only that, but also he’s given us a focus as far as a timeframe to do things. 

A Ryan: He told us that right now, the way that the music industry is, we don’t need to be worrying about a full-length album, since [our focus] should be on releasing a quality single, because today’s music industry is based off single sales. 

Q At the moment you guys are pushing the single, “Sleepwalker,” and you plan on releasing another one in the fall or winter, correct?

A Evan: Correct. We are working with David Ivory. He’s a Grammy Award-winning producer, and he has his own studio in Gwynedd Valley, Pa., which is a suburb of Philadelphia.  We’ve been going up there for almost two months now. He’s been coaching us and producing a number of songs. But we’re only going to record one single with him.

About Evan and Ryan Langshaw

Ages Evan, 21; Ryan, 25

Hometown Clayton

Education Smyrna High School 

Bands you’re listening to now Evan: The Paper Tongues; Ryan: AC/DC

Q What’s the name of the single?

A Evan: Right now it’s slated to be a track called “Right or Wrong.”

A Ryan: Mainly the lyrical meaning behind [“Right or Wrong”] is kind of like a choice you have to make when you’re with somebody. You’re presented with a situation with someone you know and have to decide for yourself if the relationship should continue.

Q How excited are you guys to be performing at SXSY in March?

A Evan: It’s going to be like a dream come true to play a show like that, because there’s going to be such a large crowd and record executives there, and A&R people. It’s really going to be neat because we’re going to be playing all week long. We’re going to do five or six shows out there.

A Ryan: I’m absolutely ecstatic to play [at SXSY]. For us, it’s going to be the culmination of all of our work to that point. We’re going to be playing, like Evan said, multiple shows for all of the record labels, and hopefully we’re going to leave there with a whole new identity for the band.

Q What label would you like to sign with?    

A Ryan: We don’t want to sign with a [specific] label in particular. We just want to sign with a label that’s going to care about the band, that’s going to promote the band, and really believes in us and our music.

Q What distinguishes Devolver from other bands?

A Evan: We have a different guitar style than most bands. Myself and Brandon, the other guitar player, we still believe in the classic guitar solo, which has been sorely missed for the past few years. And we take our craft seriously. However, we have a lot of fun on stage and we don’t take it, too, seriously. We’re not a band that you’re going to go see and everybody’s trying to look tough and frowning their faces. We smile when we’re on stage and we have fun.

A Ryan: I think the one thing that separates the band, and what will separate it at SXSY, is the fact that we have songs that people will enjoy. A lot of people like to purchase the music and they come after the shows and tell us how much they enjoy listening to the songs. And to us, it means a lot.

Q Where do you guys see yourselves in five years?

A Ryan: In five years, hopefully, I’ll be traveling the world. And music will be my sole and only purpose for having a job, sort of speak. And we’ll be able to, hopefully, influence millions of people with our music around the world.

A Evan: I’d like to be on tour and, at that point, I’d hope music would be my main source of income, and I wouldn’t have to work a day job anymore.