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  • Jim Flood Sr. delves into a wide range of timely topics, from his evasion of the latest telephone scam to his disinterest in the Earl Bradley trial to Gov. Markell's choice for secretary of DelDOT.

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  • We received a phone call the other day from a gentleman who said that my wife, Mary, had a check for $1.5 million waiting for her in a local bank.
    The origin of the check was a little vague. Something about winning a prize.
    Naturally, we were elated.
    NO WE WEREN’T! We recognized it as a scam and I stayed on the line to hear the wonderful details.
    All we had to do was have a check for $7,500 ready — to pay for taxes on the check — when the person making the delivery came to our house.
    At that point — Mary was on the phone by this time — we told the guy, who really wasn’t too swift at selling the scam, that we weren’t interested.
    But since we had the telephone number of the caller, I tried to get in touch with someone at the bank to let them know what was going on in the involving the bank’s name. Someone at the bank took the message but I never heard back. Perhaps the scam is well enough known that the bank figured it could intercept any check before its transfer was completed.
    I don’t know just who would fall for the scheme with all the attention focused on avoiding such practices, but if someone was making call after call for a couple of days and finally got a pigeon to fork over $7,500, it would be rewarding work.
    We happened to be watching an osprey nest the other day when a great blue heron came swooping near it. Immediately an osprey which had been standing guard, the mate of the bird on the nest, challenged the heron and it quickly changed course. Obviously it was a “No Fly” zone in terms of possible predators.
    Ever since I saw Kevin Fleming’s photo of a great blue heron with a large bird in its beak, and watched a heron swallow a three-foot long snake, my opinion of these big herons has changed. They simply aren’t “Mr. Nice Guy” to me anymore. Their appetites, as I have mentioned previously, extend far beyond a few little fish.
    I don’t know how you may feel about it, but I am simply not interested in spending time following what happens to the baby doctor in Lewes who has been charged with multiple crimes involving molesting little children. His trial begins today.
    True, he is innocent until proven guilty, but the huge amount of coverage already given the matter indicates overwhelmingly that he is guilty.
    The sooner the trial is over the better.
    Growing corn this year on the Delmarva Peninsula looks like a wise decision, although when it comes to farming nothing is assured until the crops are in and the money in the bank.
    Page 2 of 3 - But corn is now a source of energy, meaning the ethanol being derived from it, as well as a prime food crop. And the price of corn is high and will likely continue that way, with Delmarva farmers also benefiting from the poor growing conditions in the nation’s mid-section.
    It’s interesting that one of the many GOP aspirants for the Republican nomination for president, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, has declared his opposition to Federal subsidies for ethanol growers, something especially odd since Pawlenty hopes to do well in the significant Iowa caucus. Perhaps he suspects that ethanol is in for trouble.
    The other day I heard a man who works on boats decry the use of gas containing ethanol in boat motors, saying it harmed the motors.
    It’s fine for farmers to get a good rate for what they grow but if ethanol adds to grocery bills that’s a problem.
    With the last planed NASA space flight set to come in July, it was interesting to me to read about a time in flight history when a long and hard sandy beach was a prime place for airplane take-offs and landings.
    It was in Old Orchard Beach in Maine where Harry M. Jones operated a flying school in the 1920’s. He died in 1973 at the age of 93. He was so careful in his flying experiences that he was also known as “Safety First Jones.”
    In 1921 the town of Old Orchard Beach approved the seven-mile stretch of hard sand as an official runway. Jones gave flying lessons and also offered pleasure rides.
    Imagine how far travel in the air and space has come since a beach was considered a good place for an airfield. And with NASA’s great run of space flights about to end, you have to wonder whether or not the nation will again have the desire and means to explore flight to even farther landing places.
    Gov. Jack Markell is taking something of a political risk in naming a definite outsider as the new secretary of the Delaware Department of Transportation. There is always a political emphasis on giving jobs to Delawareans if possible.
    But considering the problems which have come up in that department, it is reasonable that someone with top qualifications but no presence now in the state would be in a better position to make the changes in operations that are clearly necessary.
    Good luck to Shailen Bhatt, selected after a months-long search. He’ll have plenty to do.
    It was one of those afternoon TV shows and the host was interviewing an old couple.
    “How old is your wife?” he asked the husband.
    “She’s 93,” he said, “and I hope she lives to 110.”
    Page 3 of 3 - “And how old are you? The host asked.
    “I’m also 93.”
    “And how old would you like to live to?
    “And why would you want to live to be a year older?”
    “To tell you the truth,” the husband said, “I’d like a year of peace!”
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