This week's edition of "Traplines on Cypress Creek" discusses the proposed gun laws from Gov. Jack Markell and why there are holes in the arguments for said laws.

Though I know talking politics in the only outdoor column we have in this state is not embraced by many who read it, as Chris Cox of the NRA/ILA noted, “Because you aren’t thinking about the politicians doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about you.”

I am always insulted when I hear some talking head politician exclaim “This is a common sense move toward compromise.” Let me assure you, very few politicians ever had any “common sense” and the word “compromise” means “you give and we take.”

Gov. Jack Markell, backed up by politically influenced sycophants, just showed his anti-gun colors last week in his proposed gun law. The fact that it will become law in Delaware, even though he refused to supply even a draft of its contents, is sealed by the minions of New Castle County. Kent and Sussex counties don’t have enough votes to overturn this onerous piece of legislation.

There are three pieces of his suggestion that crumble under scrutiny. Even the heartrending comment by the Delaware State Police colonel of “for school children coming home” won’t hold back the truth.

First, there is not now, nor has there ever been a “gun show loophole.” This is a buzz phrase created by the Sarah Brady crew just like “assault weapons” and “Saturday night specials.” Every legitimate gun dealer is required to make a background check of any gun sale regardless of where it happens. The real intent of this is to ultimately prevent you and me from giving or selling our private, legally owned guns to friends and family members.

Second, Delaware already has stipulations in our state background checks for selling guns to persons with mental problems. We were one of the first to require that. The hard facts are, however, some mental issues are found after the fact. Some are overlooked by attending physicians as not being severe enough to warrant such restrictions. What is a new law going to do to that?

And third, prohibiting a person with a concealed carry permit to have the gun in his possession while under the influence. I don’t drink, but I’ve been to a few parties in my life that included some policemen who had to be driven home. Is the governor going to suspend them if they are found to have been drinking? Or is this law like most of the other gun grabber edicts going to be filled with exceptions?

I noticed Jack Markell sitting next to Joe Biden at a recent Delaware football game. It must be nice to be surrounded by a hundred Secret Service and security people who are armed to the teeth. Yet I wonder about the other few thousands of fans who had to leave that parking lot and walk out into the real world where drug dealers and thieves don’t have to worry about legally owning firearms. What’s one more charge to the primary one they’re already guilty of?