Crews are focusing their efforts on primary and multi-lane roads, working to keep ahead of the snow accumulation.

As the winter storm settles in over Delaware, crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation will continue working into the night.  Crews are focusing their efforts on primary and multi-lane roads, working to keep ahead of the snow accumulation.

In accord with the Level I State of Emergency, that has been issued by Governor Jack A. Markell, drivers are discouraged from driving unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.  The Level 1 Driving Warning issued by the Governor started at 4 p.m. Sunday in Kent and Sussex and is expected to last at least until Sunday evening.  Conditions will continue to be assessed to determine if the Level 1 Driving Warning should be extended to New Castle County, but drivers are encouraged to be cautious and refrain from the roads unnecessarily as conditions worsen. Public notification will be made when the warning is lifted.

Road Conditions

In Sussex County, the main roads are passable, but snow covered. "Passable" means that roads can be driven upon, but only if the motorists uses extreme caution. The secondary and minor roads in Sussex County have not been plowed, so many of them may not be passable.

In Kent County, the roads are more snow-covered in the southern edges of the county. In the northern part of the county, many of the roads are wet, but conditions could change quickly. DelDOT crews report all the primary roads are passable in Kent, and some of the minor roads have been plowed.

In New Castle County, the interstates and major roads are wet, with no snow coverage. New Castle has received significantly less snowfall than southern Delaware.

State of Emergency

Under a new law passed in the wake of last winter’s snowstorms and designed to provide more clarity to drivers, Delaware now has a three-level driving warning and restriction system. A Level 1 Driving Warning means: Drivers are discouraged from operating a motor vehicle on the state's roadways, unless there is a significant safety, health or business reason to do so.

DelDOT Snow Facts


Statewide, there are 446 pieces of equipment available for snow operations.
•       Heavy-duty snow plows of various types and sizes attached to six and 10-wheeled dump trucks.
•       Other equipment includes snow blowers, road graders and front-end loaders

DelDOT primarily uses salt, along with salt/brine and salt/sand mixtures.
•       Approximately 65,000 tons of salt are stockpiled in more than 20 locations throughout the state.
•       Due to constant replenishment, the stockpiles are currently full.

Up to 500 employees are available for snow removal operations:
* Equipment operators
* Mechanics
* Dispatchers
 *Administrators and other office personnel

DelDOT maintains approximately 12,900 total lane miles, or 89 percent of the roads in Delaware.