The devastating earthquake in Haiti and massive oil spill in the Gulf Coast were two of the stories that held the world’s attention this year, but they weren’t the only ones. If you have tons of time, lose yourself at in the magazine’s Top 10 Everything of 2010. For those with less time, see below.

Brian Citino, staff writer
1 Tiger Woods — His fall from grace was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in pro sports. And when he starts winning again, his climb to back to the top will be equally as intriguing. In the end, I’m a sports fan, and when Tiger wins, it’s better for sports. Who cares about his personal life?
2 Michael Vick — Speaking of climbing back to the top, is there a better redemption story in sports, much less the celebrity world, right now than this guy? It’s still a bit early to label him as a completed project, but he is easily the most exciting player in football right now.
3 The Olympic hockey tournament — Yeah, it seems like a long time ago, but as Delaware’s biggest hockey fan (self-proclaimed) it was great to see the greatest sport in the world take center stage for two weeks. The Gold Medal Game didn’t go how I wanted it to (damn you Crosby, you crybaby), but to sit in a bar and for three hours share in that experience with a few hundred other people was amazing. PARISE SCORES! (best moment of the year)

Doug Denison, staff writer
1 The ironic tale of Christine O’Donnell, who became the poster girl for the Tea Party movement, but failed to win her own election race.
2 The 11 hour and 5 minute Wimbledon first-round match. John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut after three days of intense play, setting a record for the longest ever tennis match in a Grand Slam event.
3 Adam Wheeler, the 2005 Caesar Rodney High School graduate who tricked Harvard into thinking he was a brilliant literary scholar. Though not actually a literary scholar, he is certainly brilliant. And he’ll be rich, too, as soon as the court order barring him from profiting off the case expires.

Jayne Gest, staff writer
1 Tea Party movement and how Christine O’Donnell is not a witch, which all goes to show that we need more than two political parties in this country
2 FBI corruption case in Cleveland, Ohio. I’m originally from that area so I was fascinated by how everyone from school board presidents to a county commissioner was supposedly taking bribes.
3 Gangs in Dover, who knew?

Sarika Jagtiani, staff writer
1 Mexico’s drug war — The violence and threats by battling drug cartels escalated to horrific levels.
2 Three-day battle at Wimbledon — The first-round match between John Isner (U.S.) and Nicholas Mahut (France) lasted more than 11 hours over three days, and was the longest in tennis history by nearly 5 hours.
3 Betty White dominates — An 88-year-old becomes a hot commodity in a town obsessed with youth.