Dover Mall has a new addition for the holiday season in Things Remembered, which opened in a kiosk to offer personalized gifts to the community on Oct. 29.

Things Remembered is a mainstay in many malls, and Dover Mall is now part of that group. Things Remembered opened a kiosk in Dover Mall Oct. 29, and since then Manager Angel Taraila said the customer service and engraved gifts keep customers coming back. Taraila took some time Nov. 29 to talk about the store.

Q How has response been so far?
A It’s been amazing, absolutely amazing. We have exceeded all of corporate’s goals, so customers have been coming in and been real excited about what we’re doing, and happy to have us back.

Q What can customers get at Things Remembered that they can’t get elsewhere?
A We do offer excellent customer service, but item-wise ... everybody offers frames, you can find a water globe in other places, you can find ornaments other places, but the one thing we offer them is the personalization. Being in that moment with that customer and having them walk away with something they’ll remember. Whether it’s a happy moment or a sad moment, being there with them, that’s what they’ll get there.

Q How often do people get things personalized?
A Probably 90%, because 100% of our items are engravable. Everything we offer is engravable, except when we offer a link bracelet, but then we offer a charm and the charm is engravable. Very few times people walk out without it being engraved, but most times they come back. Sometimes they think “I can’t think of anything right now, oh, I can’t afford it,” and we tell them you can come back any time you want.

Q What were some of the popular items Thanksgiving weekend?
A Water globes have been very, very popular, whether it’s holiday-themed or specific to a friend, aunt, grandmother. We also had a buy one get one on bracelets, so those were very popular. Women’s sterling silver jewelry, too.
One of the things that’s really surprised me is that men’s ID bracelets have been huge, we can’t keep them in stock. They don’t want a men’s watch, they want these ID bracelets they can personalize, with all these great messages they can put on them. And dog tags, too.

Q How long will the kiosk be here?
A The kiosk will be here, from what we understand from corporate. It’s not just here for the holidays. A lot of customers have been saying, “Oh, it’s too bad you’re just here for the holidays,” but nope, we’re here to stay.

Q How much time should people leave for engraving?
A We recommend an hour, the closer it gets to Christmas we may have a little bit of a delay.

Things Remembered
ADDRESS Dover Mall, 1365 N. DuPont Highway
PHONE 302-741-0294

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