House Doctors, which has been in the Dover area for more than two years, has recently started offering a service to redo a bathroom in just one day.

Since House Doctors opened in Dover more than two years ago, it has always been looking for ways to expand what it can offer the community.

For instance, franchise owner Erik Reichelt recently started installing egress windows, a service that’s become more popular with changing building codes.

But it’s the business’s new Bathroom in a Day service that’s the most recent addition to House Doctors, which will be moving to its new location at 25 Maggies Way, Suite 1, Jan. 1.

Reichelt spoke with the Dover Post on Nov. 19 to talk about the new product.

Q What is the Bathroom in a Day service?
A The Bathroom in a Day is an acrylic lining system for your tub and shower unit, or just a shower unit, so you don’t have to go through the tear-out process where you tear out the tub unit and walls, which can be a several day process. We can provide these acrylic panels and tub liner and install it in one day.

Q So you just put the liners over the existing tub or shower?
A We measure the tub, and the lining system is a glove fit to line over a steel tub or cast iron tub. There’s a 14-step measuring process where we can ensure with certain, specialty tools that you get a glove fit.

Q And what if there’s damage to the existing tub?
A You aren’t tearing anything out unless you have any mold or mildew damage that needs to be removed. So we’ll cut that out and patch it in with mold and mildew resistant materials, and seal it up and cover it over with that.

Q How big can the remodeling job get?
A We offer the complete package from the tub to the walls and faucets. We offer six different Moen faucets. We offer many curved shower rods, grab bars, corner shelving, different shelves and soap dishes. Anything someone’s looking for we can offer. We also have assorted colors. We’ve got the basic colors and also go into a multiple of premium colors. It’s pretty diverse.

Q What’s the time frame from the consultation to service?
A Technically from the time that I meet with you to ordering time and install can be within two to four weeks.

Q What’s the service like once you and your crew arrives on site?
A Our goal is to [obtain] a customer, not a job. We stress cleanliness and taking care of people’s homes. Good work is a given for my guys. Homeowners expect that.

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