DNREC reminds hunters to follows laws surrounding deer season, and offers tips for working with paper tags implemented under the new online licensing system.

With Delaware’s deer season in progress, the DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Section would like to remind hunters that they are required by law to tag deer immediately after harvest, and offered some tips on working with the paper tags provided under the new online licensing system.
Under the online system, hunters purchasing licenses can either print out the license and related deer tags themselves on the paper or card stock of their choice or have it printed out on plain paper by one of 60 license dealers throughout the state.

“What we’re seeing is some hunters are having difficulty keeping the plain paper tags attached to their deer,” said Sgt. Gregory Rhodes of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement. “We suggest laminating the tags or placing them in plastic bags. Then hunters can roll them up, place them in the deer’s ear and tie the ear closed to keep the tag in place on the way to the butcher shop.”

Hunters can also protect their hunting licenses by laminating them or placing them in a plastic bag, Rhodes added, noting that under Delaware law, hunters are required to carry a valid hunting license while out in the field.

Two antlerless deer tags and two doe tags come with purchase of a Delaware hunting license. Hunters aiming for bucks may purchase a separate Hunter’s Choice tag, which comes with a Quality Buck tag for bucks with antlers having a minimum outside spread of 15 inches. Hunters are limited to harvesting a maximum of two antlered bucks per year. Additional antlerless deer tags are also available for purchase.

Hunters are also required to register all harvested deer via the Division’s toll-free phone line, 866-511-DEER (3337), or internet system, www.dehip.com, within 24 hours of harvest and before butcher shop processing.

For more details about Delaware hunting licenses, including requirements, exemptions and prices, call 302-739-9918 or visit www.fw.delaware.gov/Services/Pages/Licenses.aspx. The 2010-2011 Delaware Hunting & Trapping Guide is also available online.

For more information about deer related issues, please contact Wildlife Biologist Joe Rogerson at 302-735-3600.

For Fish and Wildlife Enforcement questions, please contact Sgt. Gregory Rhodes at 302-739-9913.