Still wondering who to vote for? Read the profiles of candidates for state House and Senate seats in Kent County.

House of Representatives



William J. “Bill” Carson Jr. (D)
Age 59
Family Wife Betty
Education Smyrna High School
Occupation Full-time legislator, retired from the Department of Transportation
Civic organizations Moose Lodge, Harmony No. 13 AF & AM, American Legion
Political experience State representative 2007-present
How long have you lived in the district? Lifelong resident

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? As a lifelong resident of Delaware, I was taught at an early age to give back to the community. That commitment to community is not just some slogan; it’s a creed I live by. A member and past chief and president of Citizens Hose Company, Smyrna; a Smyrna-Clayton Little League coach and a Life Member Emeritus; veteran and member of American Legion Post No. 14; a member of DelVets Post No. 2; charter member of the Smyrna-Clayton Moose Lodge; past master of Harmony Lodge No. 13; and a board member of Mamie Warren Senior Center.

It was that commitment to community that led me to first run for office in 2007. In that short time, we have accomplished a lot. We opened the legislature to the public. We reduced the budget and size of government by 1,000 positions. We protected seniors — a growing population that needs our help as they move into their silver years — by maintaining the senior property tax credit and funding for senior centers.

I focus much of my efforts on constituent relations. You are the people who give me the honor of serving, and I am always accessible to you. I help residents, and it is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I will continue to address the issues of our children, manufactured home residents, farmers and others in need. I truly enjoy helping to solve your problems, and I hope you give me the opportunity to continue to serve you.

Karen Minner (R)
Age 42
Family Husband Douglas; son Austen, 16; daughter Kalle, 10
Education Hirschi High School, Wichita Falls, Texas; Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls
Occupation Volunteer coordinator, Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill
Civic organizations Smyrna/Clayton Rotary Club, Smyrna High School Band Boosters
Political experience Past chair of the 28th District Republican Committee
How long have you lived in the district? 7 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? I am very concerned about the direction our State is headed. Our spending is out of control. Our state government needs to be smaller, we need better education for our children and we need to enact term limits for all legislators.

In my current position, I see so much waste of taxpayer dollars. We need to re-evaluate all aspects of government, consolidate and streamline.

Our tax dollars need to get to the classroom. As past president of the Smyrna Elementary PTO, we had to raise money each year to fund supplies for the classrooms. Our children deserve better.

The length of time that most of our legislators have been in office is ridiculous. I firmly believe in term limits. I believe that when people spend 30 years in the legislature, they lose sight of the real reason that they are there. We need new people with new ideas.

I will listen to the people, I will take their concerns to the legislature and work on their behalf, not for the party or lobbyists. I am ready to make the tough decisions to make our state first again. 


John W. “Jack” McCutchan (D)
Age 46
Family Wife Jennifer; daughters Caitlin and Hailey
Education Seaford high School, 1982; degree in history education from the University of Delaware, 1987
Occupation Educator/trainer with the Division for the Visually Impaired
Civic organizations (no information provided)
Political experience none
How long have you lived in the district? Seven years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? Like many working families, I have personally shared the burden of the economic downturn with consecutive pay cuts and reduced benefits. I’ve witnessed the jobs lost for many of our working families in Kent County at places such as the Dow-Reichold plant in Cheswold, the layoffs at Playtex and Kraft foods, the closing of the Bank of America and Aetna facilities in Dover. These are just some of the tragedies of the Great Recession of the past several years.

One way that I feel that we can do this is by bringing good paying industrial and high-tech jobs back to Delaware. We can bring these jobs to Delaware by having a unified plan from all facets of our state government (legislative and executive branches) to create new and real job growth. To do this, we need to restructure and reindustrialize Delaware’s economy so that we can get families of Kent County working again.

Many of our schools are spending their budgets on administrative costs and not spending enough of their funds in the classroom. There is approximately $28 million dollars that can be spent in the classrooms without raising taxes. We need to use these funds to reduce class sizes and hire more teachers, not lay them off. We can do this by lowering administrative costs, which will eliminate the need to increase taxes and will help improve the outcomes in the classroom. This in turn will enable Delaware to attract better paying jobs with benefits.

Lincoln Willis (R)
Age 34
Family Wife Laura
Education Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth College; law degree from the College of William & Mary Marshall-Wythe School of Law,
Occupation Small businessman, Willis Automotive of Middletown
Civic Organizations (no information provided)
Political Experience none
How long have you lived in the district? (no information provided)

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? Our state is at a critical crossroads. We must decide whether to stay on the road of increased taxes and irresponsible spending or whether we take the path towards fiscal responsibility and a government that fosters economic growth and job creation. I believe that my experience as a small businessman, as well as many years of volunteering in our community through non-profits and local service organizations, is what Delaware needs right now in the legislature.

Job creation — our No. 1 priority. We must create new jobs by making Delaware an easy place to do business and foster small business development by lowering taxes and removing bureaucratic obstacles. Quality education is essential to a strong economy because the workforce of tomorrow is in the classroom today. 

State spending — responsible, common-sense government. We need more small businessmen in the legislature who know how to meet a budget and rein in state spending. I refuse to let our state continue on this road towards high taxes and wasteful spending. I'll work closely with the agricultural community to protect property rights and ensure fair treatment under Delaware’s tax code.

Education — our future. I’m a product of Delaware’s public schools and want to make sure every student has the same great education I received at Smyrna High School, no matter where they live in the state. Teachers and principals need to be empowered in the classroom. Parents and teachers, working together, should decide how to best educate our children.

George A. Phillips (Write-in)
Age 61
Family Wife Janet, daughter, 31, and son 15
Education Bachelor’s degree in geology, University of the State of New York
Civic organizations Delaware 912 Patriots, former Girl Scouts of America co-Leader and Environmental Tour Guide
Political experience Kent County Regional Planning Commissioner
Occupation Surveyor, geo-hydrologist
How long have you lived in the district? 37 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? Delaware Representatives vote in lock-step 91% of the time. I believe in the two party system, but am running as a write-in candidate to give you a choice.

1. Unless Delaware provides certainty for investors and employers, they will not risk investing, hiring or retaining those hired. Every law must be written in plain English and placed days, if not weeks before the public and business community for research into its soundness.

2. Those that earn money own it, government does not! We have gone way beyond the necessary and sufficient bounds of government involvement in free enterprise and personal freedoms.  Get out of the way and let people do their thing!

3. Reduce state employee numbers by attrition.

4. The expression, “As the Director shall deem” must be stricken from all legislation. That gives a director a blank check to consume and destroy at whim. Clearly define all functions of a bureaucracy starting now.

5. Reduce state government costs by contracting out as many services as possible. Double up on contract compliance by using both private auditors and state auditors to check contractor efficiency and compliance, and of each other as well. Evaluate not just efficiency, but whether the “service” is even necessary.

Procedure to write-in vote:

1. Push write-in button under state representative. A door will open containing a piece of paper.

2. Write Phillips on the   paper and return it to its box. It’s easy.



Darryl M. Scott (D)
Age 46
Family Wife Carol, sons Mason, 17, and Devin, 13
Education Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Eastern Kentucky University
Occupation Director of account operations, Sitel, Milford
Civic organizations North Dover, William Henry and Central Middle School PTOs; North Dover Parent Advisory Committee; CDSA soccer coach
Political experience Capital School District Board of Education 2005-2008, state representative 2008-Present
How long have you lived in the district? Almost nine years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? Thank you for electing me as your state representative two years ago. It has been a privilege serving you and your family. You elected me to produce results, and I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in just two years.

We invested in the state’s strategic fund to attract companies that will create thousands of jobs for Delawareans.

We created over 700 local jobs through the expansion of gaming.

I sponsored legislation that will save Kent County taxpayers over $100,000 annually by eliminating a county row office.

I wrote a law prohibiting handheld cell phone usage, texting and e-mailing while driving.

I authored a law creating a scholarship for Delaware high school students to attend Delaware State University.

My work has not been limited to inside Legislative Hall. I joined with other legislators to hold an annual clothing drive, collecting jackets and sweaters for our neighbors in need. This spring, I partnered with Dover High FFA students and DSU to plant a community garden from which we donated more than 900 pounds of produce to the Food Bank of Delaware.

We made great strides in making government more efficient by eliminating over 1,000 state positions and producing a balanced budget that is less than when I took office two years ago. But our work is not done.

You elected me to get results and I have, so I ask for your vote on Nov. 2, so I can continue serving you and your family.

Ronald D. Smith (R)
Age 59
Family Wife Alice, sons Mason and Kevin
Education Bachelor’s degree, law degree from the University of Delaware
Occupation Attorney
Civic organizations Kiwanis Club of Dover; Elks Lodge; Chamber of Commerce
Political experience Kent County Levy Court commissioner, 1991-2006
How long have you lived in the district? 31 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? I am a small business owner and partner in the Dover law firm of Hudson, Jones, Jaywork & Fisher. I see first-hand the problems caused by unemployment and I work with people daily to try and solve their financial and family problems.

I have seen the economy in Dover get worse over the last two years and have witnessed many businesses closing their doors and/or having to lay off good employees as taxes, fees and regulations have caused expenses to rise while revenues decreased.

We must allow businesses to grow and invest in creating new jobs.

We cannot increase taxes, fees and regulations and expect jobs to be created.

As a county commissioner I was budget chair and set the framework that created a $24 million reserve (rainy day fund.)

I also created a surcharge on building permits that has raised over $4 million for school districts to use as local share funding for capital projects.

This was achieved while cutting your property taxes and opening several new parks.

I also believe we must refocus the state and direct our resources to the state’s core areas of responsibility such as public safety, transportation, education, economic development and protecting the environment. These areas must be properly funded before directing resources to other non-core functions.

My hands-on financial experience, small business experience, government experience and work with people in financial distress are reasons to elect me to the state House.



E. Bradford “Brad” Bennett (D)
Age 45
Family Daughter Caroline, 14, son Joshua, 12
Education Bachelor’s degree from Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C., 1987; Dover High School, 1983
Occupation President, Bennett Security Service, 1990-present; State of Delaware Budget Office, 1987-1990
Civic Organizations Board of Directors, Boys and Girls Club of Delaware; Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce; CYO Volleyball Coach
Political Experience State representative, 2008-present
How long have you lived in the district? Lifelong resident

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? As a small business owner, in this trying economy I continue to make tough financial choices to meet a budget. I feel one of my biggest responsibilities is to continue to tighten the state’s finances and make sure Delaware’s budget is run the way responsible businesses and families run their own.

I want to continue to be accessible to the constituent’s of the 32nd District and help them resolve and address any issues that may allow them to have a better quality of life in Dover.  Following are just a few of the many issues that I have assisted in addressing: Kitts Hummock flooding; Capital Park playground clean-up; Puncheon Run flooding; speed enforcement in multiple communities.

I also would like to continue writing and sponsoring legislation that helps protect Delawareans, saving tax dollars and reducing the size of government.

HB 296 and HB 294 – Saving taxpayers money by eliminating obsolete Kent County positions.

HB 136, HB 206, HB 304 – Increasing the criminal penalties against sex offenders.

HB 380, SB 209 – Attracting new businesses and jobs to our community through tax incentives.

As a lifelong resident of Dover with two children in the public school system, I have a vested interest in Delaware’s future and the quality of life of residents of Dover. I have remained responsive and connected to the residents whether it be helping constituents or building Delaware’s economy by fighting to bring jobs back to our great state. 

Will McVay (L)
Age 26
Family Just my dog.
Education Caesar Rodney High School, 2003; computer science and psychology major, political science minor, University of Delaware, 2007
Occupation Software engineer/technology service and support
Civic organizations Kent County Chair, Libertarian Party of Delaware, March 2010-present
Political experience none
How long have you lived in the district? Since February 2001.

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? The Democrats and Republicans have worked hard to maintain a monopoly on political power throughout the country for the last 150 years, and they’ve made a mess of it. Many Delaware residents are deeply concerned about the state of the country and of Delaware, but for some reason many of them believe that reverting to Republican rule will fix things, despite the Republican Party’s complicity and cooperation with Democrats to bring us to this point. Others believe the solution is to further entrench Democratic rule, despite their inability to address these problems and propensity to aggravate them.

Incumbent party politicians are funded and staffed by their party machines. Libertarians have been fighting on the margins to keep the incumbent parties honest. We do not have elaborate party machines to funnel money and staffers from special interests. We rely on our constituents alone, and therefore we only answer to the voters.

Finally, a two-party system is conducive to corruption. One party must, by definition, hold a majority. This allows that party to pass its agenda unfettered by the open and honest processes required under the federal and state constitutions. A small coalition of alternative party legislators can deny either incumbent party a majority, and force changes in government policy to be subjected to the public scrutiny of the legislative process.


Beth B. Miller (R)
Age 46
Family Husband Steve; son Davis, 12; and daughter Annabelle, 9
Education Bachelor’s degree, University of New Hampshire; law degree, California Western School of Law; Master’s degree, taxation law, Georgetown University Law School
Occupation Tax attorney with Morris James in Dover, co-owner of Stick It! Gymnastics
Civic organizations Member of Greater Dover Committee; member of Greater Dover Foundation; board member of Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce
Political experience none.
How long have you lived in the district? 12 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives? I am a strong, independent fiscal conservative.

As a tax attorney with Morris James LLP in our Dover office, it is my job to legally reduce taxes for my clients. In contrast, despite campaigning as a “fiscal conservative” and promising that “I will fight for the government to do its job better with less of your tax dollars,” the current representative voted for every tax and fee increase that came across his desk. He voted to raise the income tax rate for households with income over $60,000 (Delaware’s highest income tax bracket) by 17% and he voted to increase the fee to obtain a death certificate and a birth certificate from $6 to $25. These increased fees and taxes are hurting Delawareans.

Kent County’s unemployment rate is 10.2%. Small businesses account for 60% to 80% of all hiring. Nevertheless, our current representative voted to raise the cost to start a new business. If elected, I would enact laws to reduce the cost to start a business in order to allow small businesses to grow and reduce Delaware’s unemployment.

Delaware’s budget is outpacing inflation. Our current representative voted to increase Delaware’s budget this past year by 6.5%. We need to work to reduce the wasteful spending of our government. I believe that state employees are the best people to identify ideas to reduce state spending and would support legislation that would reward such savings-finders with 50% of the savings generated. Doesn’t that just make sense?



Robert E. Walls (D)
Age 69
Family Wife Bonnie, son Bobby, daughter Lisa and four grandchildren
Education Graduate of Milford High School
Occupation Owner, Walls Irrigation, Walls Farm & Garden Center
Civic Organizations Little League sponsor and former coach, Board of Directors at Milford Senior Center, Masonic Lodge
Political Experience State representative 2006-present
How long have you lived in the district? Lifelong resident

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? I hope the residents of the 33rd District will elect me because I am the same hard-working, community oriented person I have been my whole life. I have the unique combination of small business experience, local connections and relationships on both sides of the aisle to get things done.

The biggest issues I see are creating jobs and supporting businesses, both big and small. Being a small businessman, I know firsthand the growing pains everyone goes through. As a member of the bipartisan House Small Business Caucus, I have worked to help small business owners start and grow their companies so they can help put Delawareans back to work. I will keep working to reduce the obstacles that keep small businesses from succeeding.

I also believe in providing a quality education for our children. From pre-school up through high school, we need to make sure our kids start off on the right track and stay on the right track. They are our future. That is why I am proud to have supported full-day kindergarten, getting rid of the DSTP and directing more funds directly into the classroom.

As a chair of the House Agriculture Committee, I am looking out for ways to work with farmers to maintain their ability to till their fields and keep this billion dollar industry prosperous.

I enjoy volunteering throughout the community. Whether through my church or various civic groups, and I enjoy representing you. Thank you, and I hope to have your continued support on Nov. 2.

Jack Peterman (R)
Age 68
Family Wife Sandy, deceased; son Barry and daughter in law Wendy; grandsons Keith and Eric; son Scott and daughter in law Carrie; granddaughter Madison, deceased.
Education Milford High School
Occupation Retired farmer
Civic Organizations Past president, Murderkill Lions Club; board member, Frederica Senior center; board member, Milford Food Bank
Political Experience Kent County Levy Court commissioner, president, 1990-2005
How long have you lived in the district? Lifetime resident

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? Voters need look no further than the voting record of their incumbent state representative to find many good reasons to support my candidacy on Nov. 2.

In his current two-year term, Bob Walls voted to enact 15 tax and fee increases on Delaware’s families and small businesses. This $212 million tax package included a new tax on satellite TV, re-instating Delaware’s defunct “death tax,” and raising the personal income tax nearly 17%. There were also hikes in the gross receipts tax, and the taxes we pay on cell phones, electricity, and natural gas. This year, Bob Walls voted to increase state spending nearly $214 million — an increase of about 6.5%.

As a Levy Court commissioner, I have a proven history of working against higher taxes. I think government needs to be reined in. We need to look for ways to reduce spending, instead of continually placing a greater burden on working Delawareans. In a state budget of $3.3 billion, I believe there are untapped opportunities to improve operations that have not been explored. Increasing efficiency just 1% would have tens of millions of dollars. We should be fully investigating these possibilities before enacting more taxes and higher spending. That’s what I’ll do if the people of the 33rd District honor me with their support on Election Day.



Donald A. Blakey (R)
Age 74
Family Wife Delores, children Donna, Denver and Dusty
Education Bachelor’s degree from Delaware State University; master’s degree from the University of Maryland; doctorate from Pacific Western University
Occupation Adjunct faculty, Delaware State University; retired administrator, Caesar Rodney School District
Civic organizations DSEA, DonDel Enterprises, Inner City Cultural League
Political experience Former Kent County Levy Court commissioner; state representative, 2006-present
How long have you lived in the district? 42 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? Although serving many constituents through the public school system and the county government has been successful, the state House is a much more effective platform from which to work. As a state representative I can help my community and the state shape the kind of education, work force and infrastructure Delaware needs to be more than competitive in our nation.

For more than 40 years I have made myself available to my community in a number of ways. Through education, children’s theater, athletics, county government and community service I have continued to be there when my community and state have called. I care deeply about my constituent concerns. They know that I am available 24 hours a day. They know that I am only a phone call away and that I will come to them to survey their concerns. My experience in education and county government has given me an inside track toward problem solving. It is true that I cannot solve all problems, but I know most of the people who can.

For my constituents to know what is going on, I hold town hall meetings. I bring in officials from the governor to mayors to inform citizens. I have committed funds to beautify and strengthen communities in the 34th. I have worked closely with CR officials to make your children’s education the best in the country. These are a few reasons why I think I am the best choice for the House of Representatives, 34th District.

Jill Fuchs (D)
Age 70
Family Husband Kenneth; daughters Franny and Marcy; grandchildren Rene, Hannah, Johnny and Matthew
Education Studied at Adelphi University; South Oaks TPAC: State certified program in alcoholism training
Occupation Retired real estate broker
Civic Organizations Barclay Farms Homeowners Civic Association; Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association; Delaware Manufactured Homes Installation Board
Political Experience Former campaign worker
How long have you lived in the district? Seven years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? You should vote to elect Jill Fuchs to serve in the Delaware House of Representatives because, having dedicated the past seven years to improving the quality of life for my neighbors, I now want to serve a larger community, the 34th District and the people of Delaware. I appreciate a challenge and the opportunity to make a difference.

I am not afraid to stand up and ask the hard questions.

I know how to get results; for example, I have worked to bring about a constructive relationship between managers and homeowners in my development.

I assisted Harvest Years in obtaining a grant to get a bus.

I am committed to making a difference as a state representative and pledge to do everything I can to create new jobs by working with other legislators to make Delaware attractive to small businesses; to assure that our schools continue to provide a quality education by listening and working with educators and parents; to support construction of affordable housing to keep our young families in Delaware without creating sprawl; to preserve historic sites and buildings for future generations; and to assist in the creation of a detox and crisis center for Kent County to help the victims of drug and alcohol abuse return as respected and productive citizens resulting in a reduction in substance abuse related crime.

Jonathan Marango (Ind.)
Age 35
Family Daughter Samarah, 7
Education Dover High School, 1994; Currently taking classes at Delaware Technical & Community College
Occupation Server, Cracker Barrel, Rehoboth Beach
Civic Organizations Asbury United Methodist Church, Smyrna
Political Experience none
How long have you lived in district? three years.

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? Back in the eighties, I had the privilege of living during the Reagan Administration. Since then, with the exception of Bush senior, it seems as though both parties have taken a liberal turn for the worse. What happened to the time when you could trust a politician to do what he says he’s going to do? What happened to the concept that government is instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?

It seems as though our politicians have forgotten this basic principle and have lifted themselves up above the people. To put someone in office who only cares about increasing their bank account balance is to put someone in office that doesn’t care to listen to the hard working taxpayers and small business owners of Delaware.

This is why I believe I would be a good candidate; because I know what it’s like to have to make a choice on whether to put gas in your car or buy a few groceries. I believe that there is hope for the economy to rebound, but not if politicians don’t start listening to their constituents.

The people know what is best, not the government. So you see, my plan is really quite simple. Get back to the basic principles of the Constitution, and listen to the people.

Michael Tedesco (Unaffiliated)
Age: 44
Family: Wife Christine; children Samantha, 8; Ashley, 7; and Amanda, 4
Education: Bachelor's degree in sports medicine from West Chester University; associate's degree in nursing, Bucks County Community College
Occupation: Registered nurse, operating room
Civic organizations: Christ Episcopal Church
Political experience: None
How long have you lived in the district? Seven years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the House? I will work harder then any of the other candidates. I am the only person in Delaware history to successfully petition for ballot status. This took considerable time and effort, while my opponents simply paid their way into the election. I will do and vote for what the people in my district want regardless of my personal views. I will be a true partner with the people of the 34th District and keep them informed as to what their government is doing. I will hold meetings every two weeks so people can come out and sit down directly with me and find out what the state legislature is doing before it has been done, instead of finding out about it after it has been done. I will talk with and engage the people to gain their help in finding the solutions to the problems that we face in our state and nation. I understand that if I am elected, I work for you and it is my job to keep you informed about what your government is doing, not your job to try to figure it out. Our current representatives at all levels seem to have forgotten that and act like we work for them. I will never forget where my duty lies and I will battle all of the state capital to see that the will of the people is done and your voices are heard again.




Bruce C. Ennis (D)
Age 71
Family Wife Grace
Education John Bassett Moore High School, Smyrna; Delaware State Police Academy, 1962
Occupation Full-time legislator; retired Delaware State Trooper
Civic Organizations Past president and past chief, Citizens Hose Company No. 1, Smyrna
Political Experience 28th District representative, 1983-2007; Senator, 2007-present
How long have you lived in the district? Lifelong resident

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Senate? During my tenure in the General Assembly, I have worked on many vital constituent issues. A strong commitment to community has always been the cornerstone of my work on behalf of my constituents. I have seen the results that positively impacted our communities.

The issues include sensible growth policies, expanded agricultural land preservation, transportation planning and expanded public safety measures.

If re-elected, I will continue to fight for those issues as well as for education reform, health care, child care, energy cost savings, good jobs and the growth of small business and improvement of the economy.

When it comes to constituent services, I have been a hands-on, full-time legislator and have a strong record of community involvement. My primary motivation for serving in the state Senate is for continued interaction with my constituents and representing their views and concerns in the General Assembly.

John A. Moritz (R)
Age 54
Family Wife Gini, son Jonathan, daughter Janine
Education Degree in aviation electronics and engineering, Spartan School of Aeronautics, Oklahoma
Occupation Owner/president of Delta Engineering Corporation
Civic organizations none
Political experience none
How long have you lived in the district? eight years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Senate? I own and operate a business located in New Castle, which competes globally and provides engineering services and issues FAA approvals to the major airlines around the world. I am extremely concerned about our current economy and the direction our government is going.

The negative impact of actions by our government, including out-of-control spending, growth of the deficit and wrong policy choices, is felt by many Americans. We are witnessing an unprecedented burden that will be borne by future generations. Therefore, I feel compelled to seek political office to help restore our government to policies of fiscal responsibility.

Our government has pursued a short-sighted “tax and spend” philosophy, which takes more hard-earned money from our citizens to temporarily fix problems government has created. This isn’t what the founders of our country intended.

Our current career politician voted to reduce state employees’ pay by 2.5% instead of reducing other government spending, like stopping the $1 billion-plus U.S. 301 project. Our current career politician voted to increase the state’s budget by an unbelievable 6.5%, instead of requiring the state’s spending to be consistent with the economy. Again, we’ll have to pay.



Nancy W. Cook (D)
Age 74
Family One adult son, one adult stepson
Education William Penn High School, University of Delaware one year
Occupation Full-time state senator
Civic organizations Biggs Museum Board of Directors
Political experience Senator 1974-present
How long have you lived in the district? 47 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Senate? I believe that in these challenging times it is important to the people of our district to have someone who is fiscally conservative, with the experience in government to know how and where to cut the budget while still finding the resources to provide the core services people need in tough times.

Even while dramatically cutting the state budget, consolidating programs and eliminating over 1,000 state jobs through efficiencies, we’ve been able to preserve property tax exemptions for senior citizens, keep school class sizes from growing larger, and continue helping our farm families with farmland preservation programs. We haven’t had to cut the numbers of state troopers and we’ve continued to support our volunteer fire companies and other emergency services. Balancing the cost of all this with reduced state revenues hasn’t been easy, but we’ve found ways to do it.

I’ve been fighting for the families and businesses of the 15th Senatorial District. I’m asking the people of the district to support me on Tuesday, Nov. 2, so that I can continue to fight for their interests when the next round of tough decisions needs to be made.


Dave Lawson (R)
Age 63
Family Wife Donna, three children
Education Some college, Delaware State Police Academy
Occupation Businessman, retired Delaware State Trooper
Civic Organizations Smyrna Clayton Moose, Delaware Veterans Post No. 2, Kenton Ruitan
Political Experience None
How long have you lived in the district? 10 years

Why should voters elect you to serve in the Senate? The integrity of our government demands that even the best and the most beloved of our elected officials shouldn’t remain in office indefinitely. I’m Dave Lawson and I’m running as a Republican for the 15th Senatorial seat held by 36-year veteran Senator Nancy Cook. I’ve never been in politics.

As a businessman, I know firsthand how government tax and fee increases are destroying small business. I’ve paid the taxes and the fees and worried over making payroll. I’ve dealt with clueless government officials and archaic regulations designed to raise revenue and hinder the honest conduct of business. I will work hard to relieve small business of these burdens so they can create jobs.

I will work to encourage transparency in government and make accountable to you.

I will promote a true balanced budget, one that does not include allocations for golf courses and marinas. And I will never vote for legislation that institutes state employee pay cuts to balance a budget.

You have a choice in this election. Let’s give the government back to “We the People.”

I’m Dave Lawson and I would be honored to have your vote on Nov. 2.