With Halloween quickly approaching, we thought it was time to run through our favorite costumes of all time. They didn’t have to be ours...but most of them were.

Brian Citino, staff writer
1 Ghostbuster — I like it so much that I’ve been it at least five times for Halloween, and countless other times for no reason whatsoever
2 Nick Papageorgio from “Vegas Vacation” — My best friend nailed this, complete with the yellow sports jacket
3 Crazy Underwear-Head Man — I made this up in high school. I threw a pair of tighty-whities over my head, and boom, Halloween costume.
4 Super Mario Brothers — Nick Papgeorgio and myself nailed this one year
5 I can’t say the last one because it would get edited out ... but trust me, it got great reviews

Doug Denison, staff writer
1 Musician Randy Newman, complete with mini-keyboard
2 Group costume, the Kennedy administration: JFK, Jackie, RFK and LBJ
3 Group costume, men who slept with Marilyn Monroe: JFK, RFK, Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio
4 Christine O’Donnell (pants-suit, pearls, black witch hat)
5 CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, complete with clipboard and massive sense of superiority

Jayne Gest, staff writer
1 Engineering students at my college, Ohio University, built a 10-foot robot. They all were inside as it went down the street at the annual block party.
2 Miss Chiquita Banana — I had a blast with 100 crazy Europeans getting introduced to Halloween at the party my American roommate and I threw.
3 Mummy — I wrapped myself head to toe in bandages and with blacked eyes even my mother wouldn't have recognized me.
4 The fruit from Fruit of the Loom, a great group costume.
5 Man dressed as a pregnant nun who kept using celery to throw Holy Water on everyone

Sarika Jagtiani, staff writer
1 Double Dare couple — We made them drink out of the cups attached to their helmets.
2 Tyrone Biggums from “Chapelle’s Show” — My friend Jason was the star of every bar we went into two years ago with this getup.
3 Tobias as a never nude from “Arrested Development” — I’ve been trying to get people to be this for years. No takers yet.
4 Ugly Betty — I turned my bleaching trays into braces and outfitted myself from a thrift store.
5 Ms. Pac Man — My costume from 2008. Cheap to make, fun to wear.

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