Delaware State University's fall 2010 enrollment is the highest in history for the institution.

With its fall 2010 enrollment, Delaware State University has once again broken its record for the number of students attending the institution.

DSU’s fall 2010 total enrollment has been officially tabulated to be a record 3,819 – the first time the institution’s enrollment has exceed 3,800. This year’s enrollment surpasses the previous fall 2007 DSU record of 3,756.

The record enrollment was in part due to the record number of students enrolled in graduate and doctoral studies (447) and the second highest new freshmen class (906). The previous record for advanced studies enrollment was 387 in both 2006 and 2009 and the record enrollment for new freshmen is 940 in 2005.

“This year’s record enrollment is a tribute to the hard work over the last few year of our Enrollment Management team,” said DSU President Harry L. Williams. “DSU’s admissions counselor, recruiters and their executive leaders have earnestly employed the best practices known in enrollment management, and it has resulted in more students then ever before that DSU can help in attaining their aspirations and dreams."