Publisher emeritus Jim Flood Sr. stops by the Gourmet Gala and Kent County Theatre Guild, and wonders whether support=money in the world of politics.

For going on three years I have been working weekly with Jeff Brown, news editor, and Maureen Raitz, editor. And in a twinkling both are not there, Jeff because of going on to a new job, and Maureen because of a new baby, a daughter who arrived a couple of weeks early.
My congratulations and best wishes to both.
Fortunately, there is a strong staff to keep things moving.

Raising money for one cause or another has been going on for a long time but we seem to be in a period when even more organizations or individuals are looking for financial help. That’s perfectly all right but sometimes it seems that the pleas for funds are coming from all sides, with political candidates and groups especially active.
One annual fundraising event that is both effective, pleasurable and benefits all participants is the Gourmet Gala staged by Delaware Technical & Community College. Everyone comes out ahead. Another well-planned gala happened Saturday night. Some 400 people were there.
The tickets bought helped the college’s Educational Foundation Endowment Fund, the participating restaurants had the opportunity to show off their wares, the booklet advertisers were exposed to a significant group of attendees, and the college itself became better known and appreciated by those attending. Everybody wins.
Mary and I weren’t quite up to staying for the full program but we certainly sampled the food and saw many people we knew. It’s a dress-up affair and those who came seemed to enjoy having the occasion to look their best.
The state’s four Del Tech campuses do a great job of supplying the education and training that suits the many different needs of students beyond high school. The campuses are able to react to changing demands for specialized training, which means equipping people for available jobs. Can’t find a much better reason for specialized college training in these economic times.

We saw the Kent County Theatre Guild’s presentation of “The Iliad, the Odyssey, and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or Less” on Friday night at the Guild’s home at 140 Roosevelt Ave.
You can tell from the title alone that it was a mish mash of a plot, but it carried out very well by the five cast members — Kevin P. Smith, Charlie Beck, Necia Beck, Patti Gatto and Joanne Moran. Chris Polo directed.
Some smattering of recollection about the plays and myths involved was a little help in trying to understand what was going on, but it was all laughable anyway. An energetic and talented cast milked the lines for full effect.
A busy day before going out Friday night prompted us to skip the second act but we were sorry to miss it.

Having little skin growths removed from your face, and then wearing Band-Aids to cover the zapped spots, may be the only malady that immediately telegraphs to local friends what local doctor you have recently visited.
In my case it was a spot removed from the end of my nose made the bandage quickly noticeable. One bandage on my forehead wasn’t as easily seen. Several people who had had a similar experience were quick to note the little Band-Aids and identified the same dermatologist I had been to.
Fortunately the growths (I guess I hate to mention skin cancer) are easily treated and clear up quickly, I am assured. But until I stop with the bandages I expect to have more people identify my experience.
Apparently an outbreak of the skin condition can go back many years. Mentioned as a possible time when I first incurred the problem was my teen period when I worked outdoors in the sun on a golf course.

Whether you live in Delaware or some other state in the nation it is hard to escape the glare of publicity concerning Christine O’Donnell, the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate.
I caught the mention of her on ABC’s “This Week” with Christiane Amanpour Sunday morning. The Delaware candidate said at one point that she was not getting the support she needed from national and state Republican officials.
My recollection was the word “support” but a major headline in Monday’s NewsJournal said “O’Donnell presses GOP for money,” with a subhead “Candidate calls for help despite $2.6M in bank.”
It seemed to me, the merits of O’Donnell’s candidacy aside, that this was either an indication of the newspaper’s adverse bias against O’Donnell or sloppy headline writing.

It is usually September that is noted for its especially favorable weather but this year September was unusually hot and October, on the other hand, has given us some of the most beautiful weather you could ask for.
That reminds me of something said by Winslow Homer, an artist I especially admire and who spent his last years working on the coast of Maine:
“The sun will not rise, or set, without my notice and thanks.”

This guy is stopped by a policeman for going the wrong way on a one-way street.
“Didn’t you see the arrow?” the cop asks.
“Arrow? Honest, officer, I didn’t even see the Indians!”