After 25 years of business, The Pool Doctor Inc. has expanded and opened shop at 1487 S. Governors Ave., Dover.

Pool season might be at an end, but one local business has expanded to be your one-stop-shop for all pool needs for years to come.

After 25 years of being in business, The Pool Doctor Inc. has expanded and opened at 1487 S. Governors Ave., Dover, under owner Ralph Figuero Jr.

Figuero’s new space offers anything you could want for your pool, as well as accessories and furniture to go along with it.

He sat down with the Dover Post Oct. 18 to talk about expanding and what the new space offers the community.

Q What are some of the services you offer?
A We have weekly customers for cleaning. We also do liner replacements, filter and pump replacements, and closing of the pools. We repair spas also.

Q What was the benefit in expanding for the customer?
A Being able to talk to somebody on the phone now instead of a machine. A lot of people don’t like leaving messages on the machine. Now they’re able to talk to somebody and instantly they get booked.

Q What kind of things can you get for your pool and pool area here?
A This is your one-stop shop. You can get everything here, from filters to salt systems, to all of your parts and accessories. We also have all your outdoor, casual furniture, chemicals, pools and spas. I actually have a spa in the back room that you can test out, and above ground and in-ground pools.

Q What is something that sets your service apart from other companies?
A Everybody that works on your pool is local, so nothing is subbed out with people coming from Maryland or Pennsylvania. The benefit in doing that is that it keeps the money here in the state, and if there were to be a problem it’s not like they have to come from a different state to come take care of it.

Q What benefits do your regular customers get?
A If they go with the weekly service, if there’s a problem in between like a busted hose or something wrong, there’s no service call fee. We waive that initial fee and just charge you accordingly for whatever parts and labor there is. If someone has a special day they need their pool cleaned because they’re having a party or something, we go ahead and switch their day. Of course there’re benefits to getting the service, because they don’t have to touch their pools at all. They can just enjoy it.

Q With being in business for so long, is it a deeper relationship with your customers?
A A lot of my customers, it’s like family in a way. We get cakes and cookies, and these people treat us very well, so I try to do the same. We’re your neighborhood pool store.

Q Can you help people find a pool or spa design specific to their yard?
A We make house calls. We go right out to your yard and see where we’re going to put it. There’re like 30-some liners to choose from and we’re pretty good at matching up a liner to go with the person’s backyard. The great part about that is in 10 to 15 years, if you’re ready for a new liner, you can give your backyard a facelift. There’s always room to upgrade.

ADDRESS 1487 S. Governors Ave., Dover
PHONE 678-8208
HOURS 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday

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