This week's edition of "Traplines on Cypress Creek" discusses the newly founded organization, Hunters Helping Soldiers, as well as some poor luck this deer season.

Scott Campbell of Dover is a relative newcomer to our Small Wonder. He came here from his native New Jersey four years ago and has enjoyed our outdoors since then. Recently, because of having a number of friends serving in the U.S. military in those far away places and hostile conditions, Scott wondered if perhaps reintroducing the solitude of nature and getting back into hunting might give our wounded warriors a respite from their troubles and a chance to enjoy life once more. He began working on a project to make those dreams come true and has founded Hunters Helping Soldiers.

HHS is certainly not limited to Army personnel as many of us old GI’s might assume, but is a generic for all service men and women who would love to get back into the enjoyment of hunting after suffering physical and sometimes irreparable injuries while serving their country. On their website,, you can find much more about the program as well as contact information if you’re interested in helping, or perhaps need help yourself. It is a non-profit organization sponsored by individuals and companies across the spectrum of the outdoors. It ensures that donor sponsored hunting and fishing trips are made with the least amount of burden possible on the veteran.

This is all leading up to the first of its major fundraisers, which will be held from 3 to 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 21, at the Modern Maturity Center, Dover. Tickets are $35 per person for an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of food with beer and sodas included. Items being auctioned off are 15 guns, a 14-foot duck boat, jewelry, hunting and fishing trips, vacations, furniture and more. Premier items will be an Arkansas duck hunt in the waterfowl hunting capitol of the world, Stuttgartt; a Maine bear hunt; an $11,000 African safari; a $10,000 Disney vacation; and local waterfowl and deer hunts. You can get tickets at Mike’s Harley-Davidson, Ocean Pro, Lil Off the Top and Smyrna Sporting Goods in Smyrna, or at Shooter’s Choice in Dover. You also can call Scott at 384-1121 for tickets.

All the deer hunters know that we’ve just finished the first segment of the muzzleloader deer season here. There were several notable successes, but the hot weather put a crimp in it for many of us on a Columbus Day that seemed more like Labor Day. As I write this before the season ends to meet my deadline, I’ve seen the sun come up and set four times and that’s four more times than I’ve seen deer. The only deer I almost got was when I was driving home the first Saturday with Connie and almost clipped two of them standing in the road. As I swerved, the headlights illuminated a dozen more standing, awaiting their turn to cross.

I’ll save the best success stories for next week and hope your name will be among them.