Lynn, May & Perza, P.A. opened in August at 880 S. State St., Dover.

After years of putting in time and learning under the old guard law firms here in Dover, three local attorneys have set up their own practice.

Sean Lynn, Mitchell May and Adam Perza opened Lynn, May & Perza, P.A. on Aug. 1 at 880 S. State St., Dover.

The three attorneys sat down with the Dover Post Sept. 22 to discuss what their firm brings to the area.

Q What kind of law does your firm specialize in?
A Lynn: I think we’d like to present ourselves as a full-service law firm. We can’t think of too many legal scenarios that people can come in here with that we can’t help them with. We do a little bit of everything.

Q What sets your law firm apart from other firms in the area?
A Perza: There’s a generational change in how we approach the problems. Everything here is going to be done electronically. It’s efficient. If you want to buy a house, you’re not walking out with a forest full of papers anymore. You’re walking out with a DVD that has your entire settlement on it if you want to pop it in later and reread it. The product is going to be the same but with a modern twist to it.

Q How is your service in being able to efficiently see clients?
A Lynn: If you have a problem, I can see you that day or within 24 hours face to face. I think that’s how we make sure that everyone gets that tailored, personal approach to their cases. We all have PDAs, too, so we all have 24-hour access to Internet and email.
May: We want to address every clients concern and get them in here so we make sure their worry has been heard. We hopefully can put their feats at rest with that quick service. We can’t necessarily get the problem solved right away, but we can explain what’s going on to them.

Q What are your rates like?
A: Lynn: We don’t have a one-size-fits-all kind of structure here. We will make exceptions for certain cases.
May: We try to provide the best service to our client, and we tailor it to the individual client. Each client’s case is different, their needs are different and their means are different.

Q How has the community responded in the two months you’ve been open?
A Lynn: One of the things that we stress is our community involvement. We’re involved in a ton of community activities. We’ve given a lot to the community and we’re glad to see the huge amount of support. It’s an inherent bond with the community. We immediately have the public trust because they’ve seen us out there serving.

ADDRESS 880 S. State St., Dover
PHONE 736-1776
FAX 736-1780
HOURS 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday; nights and weekends by appointment

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