Although some consider it a sport unto itself, tailgating has no season. It does seem to rise in popularity during football season, though, which makes you wonder what you couldn’t do without while partying outdoors with only a car heater and grill to keep you warm.

Jeff Brown, news editor
1. My wife. I need more than a grill and car heater to keep me warm.
2. Seagrams 7. I don’t drink beer.
3. Brats. Lots of them.
4. Potato salad with ice and a cooler to keep it fresh.
5. Directions to the porta-potties just in case the potato salad goes bad.

Brian Citino, staff writer
1 Beer ... duh
2 Wawa turkey sub
3 A radio
4 Cornhole
5 Cool Ranch Doritos

Doug Denison, staff writer
1 Ice. You can never have too much ice.
2 Beer
3 One of those hardhats that holds two beers you drink through tubes.
4 Beer
5 Pork products. The options are limitless: sausage, chops, tenderloin, bacon wrapped fill-in-the-blank.

Jayne Gest, staff writer
1 Grill
2 Food for the grill
3 Comfortable chair
4 Beverages (i.e. beer)
5 Motorized cooler to keep beverages cold and for transportation to visit other tailgaters — After I first saw this a few NASCAR weekends ago, I’ve been wanting one ever since.

Sarika Jagtiani, staff writer
1 Gloves, because it gets chilly when you spend all day holding a cold beer.
2 Bloody Marys
3 Light beer. Nothing too heavy when you’re in it for the long haul.
4 Anything made on a grill and eaten with one hand, e.g. hot dogs, brats.
5 Toilet paper

Mauren Raitz, editor
1 Miller Lite (cans, not bottles).
2 Trashbags. Everyone always forgets the trashbags.
3 A roll or two of paper towels. There’s a good chance of spillage occurring.
4 Those cheap fold-up chairs that come in a bag. There’s nothing worse than having to stand for hours or fight over cooler space during a tailgate.
5 Snacks and drinks (other than beer) for after the event. You’re not getting out of that parking lot any time soon.