Furniture and More reopened at 2204 S. DuPont Highway, Dover, three months ago, offering the area a wide selection of products at affordable prices.

After a brief break away from the area, a recognizable furniture store has reopened in a spot people might remember.

Furniture and More opened three months ago at 2204 S. DuPont Highway, Dover, the same location it had been in more than a year ago.

Manager Natasha Massey sat down with the Dover Post Sept. 16 to talk about what the store is bringing back to the area.

Q Since the business reopened three months ago, how has the reception from the community been?
A It’s been absolutely wonderful. It’s the best business we’ve seen in a long time, especially in the economy that we’re in right now.

Q What is the pricing like at Furniture and More?
A We aim at pricing furniture as cheap as possible while still being able to stay in business. For instance, our sofas start at $299 and go up from there. We aim at giving customers a wide selection at a very good, quality price.

Q What is the “more” in Furniture and More?
A The “more” is service, selection and savings. We try to give you the best quality service. We do have our own customer service staff, service techs and delivery crews. And of course we have our own sales staff, and behind that is a lot of support staff. We’re always there for the customers from the beginning to the end.

Q Do you offer any specials for people looking to furnish a new apartment or home?
A We just opened up a furniture 1-2-3 gallery as part of our store here. That’s where your sofas start at $299, your dinettes start at $99, your three-pack of tables start at $99, and in that package they also offer a $1,099 package, which is 14 pieces of furniture for $1,099. And you pick all those pieces. You pick your three-pack of tables, your sofa, your [loveseat], your rug, your accessory kit, your lamp and your throw blanket. The customers come in and love it. They get to create their own room. It’s exciting for them.

Q Do you offer one-of-a-kind furniture to customers as well?
A We have a gallery that’s all custom furniture. We allow you to mix and match your fabrics with your frames. You can add a sectional, make it as big, small, reclining or whatever you want. Our sales staff is trained for matching fabrics, frames, accessories, lamps and rugs. They’re all very well versed in that.

Q What sets your store apart from other furniture stores in the area?
A We like to say we’re welcoming. We like to be very down to earth and accommodating to the customer, financially as well as their other needs.

ADDRESS 2204 S. DuPont Highway, Dover
PHONE 697-1300
HOURS 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday

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