Ten deserving kids and teens — including two Dover residents — got a front-row seat to the Delaware State Fair’s nightly parade after winning the title of All-Star Youth. Winners also received a cash prize, carnival ride tickets and more for their service and excellence.

The Delaware State Fair has had a diverse set of grand marshals leading its nightly parades. No military heroes or politicians have had the honor, but young athletes, scholars and volunteers have headed up the parade nightly.

These are the fair’s All-Star Youth, each of whom get a day at the head of the parade, cash prize, plaque and carnival ride tickets. The 10 students are honored for volunteer service to the community, heroic deeds, scholastic achievement, or athletic accomplishment.

This year, two students from Dover were tapped for their hard work.


Philip Moore

Philip Moore has spent more than 450 hours of the past year volunteering for the Angel Food Ministry at Whatcoat United Methodist Church, Salvation Army, Delaware Hospice and more. He’s also a member of Harrington Sunshine 4-H Club.

When did you get involved in community service?

I honestly don’t remember because it’s been so long. My mom started the Angel Food Ministries branch in our church so I help with that a lot. On distribution day, I help stock the table with food, help people to their cars. I do a lot through 4-H, too. I’m a member of the Harrington Sunshine 4-H Club.

You volunteered more than 450 hours last year. What makes you spend so much time in service?

It’s fun and you get used to it. There’s a lot for me to do, too. I help ring the bell for Salvation Army at Christmas, and do care packages at different holidays, like Valentine’s Day, for people in nursing homes. They like it when they come in and see the table decorations.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to read a lot, if I get the chance. Fiction is what I read a lot of. During the summer I do a lot of 4-H camps.

How long have you been coming to the fair, and what’s your favorite part?

I’ve been at the fair every year I’ve been in 4-H, so a few years. My favorite parts are probably helping here in the 4-H building and riding the rides, when I get a chance to.

Why do you think you were chosen as an All-Star Youth?

Probably because of all the volunteer hours I put in.


Kaitlin Bergold

Kaitlin Bergold is an honor roll student and former spelling bee champ at Holy Cross School. When her mother was deployed to Iraq for a year, Kaitlin persevered, keeping up her grades and excelling in sports.

How did you find out that you had won?

My mom told me that she got a message, and I actually was surprised I won.

When was your mom deployed, what was the hardest part of that situation?

She left in October 2008 and returned in 2009. It was hard getting to other places because I wasn’t with my dad, so I had to have help from friends’ parents and not my mom.

Tell me a little about winning the school spelling bee.

I won in fourth grade. They gave us a big sheet and when I came back from school I would go over it. I think all the words were pretty easy, but some words I had difficulty with.

What do you do in your spare time?

I hang out with my friends, and I play sports, basketball and lacrosse. I play basketball for my school, and I play lacrosse for a club. I’m going into seventh grade, and I hope to keep playing those sports for school.

What’s your favorite part of the fair?

I go to a lot of concerts there, and that’s my favorite part. I’ve been to Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith and Demi Lovato, and this year I’m going Selena Gomez, and maybe Jason Aldean.

Why do you think you were chosen as an All-Star Youth?

I think with my mom being away and having the other accomplishments while she was away made me win, and my sports.