Candidate Nancy H. Wagner tells why she should be elected as Dover's mayor.

The election for mayor of Dover is not about personalities. Mr. Carey and Mr. Daisey are fine, honorable men. This election is about what the citizens of Dover want their mayor to do. These are difficult times. Money is scarce and demands are high. We can no longer continue to operate as we have.

The mayor is the chief executive officer of this city and is the link to the state legislature and the Kent County Levy Court. The mayor with city council must partner with the state and county to work in a positive, cooperative, and consistent manner. The mayor should take the lead in having key players in business, higher education and government regularly meet together to communicate and develop a coordinated plan for the future of Dover.

Questions should be asked: what leadership was needed when the city lost $750,000 in street funds? What is the plan to increase jobs in Dover? Is there an opportunity for less expensive electric rates? Are we doing the best we can?

As state representative for 16 years, I bring experience, knowledge, and relationships to the job. The mayor should be the leader to focus the city in moving ahead. I would like to make that difference in Dover and its future.

Is there a better way? With hard work, I say, “Yes.”