Candidate Carleton E. Carey Sr. tells why he should be elected as Dover's mayor.

I have been involved in a vast number of committees, organizations and projects, and my time with the city has given me a lot of insight to help the city move forward with controlled growth, economic development and quality of life issues that the citizens of Dover desire and deserve. I have lived in Dover all my life and I love Dover.

The job of being mayor is not just cutting ribbons. I am the elected representative of the citizens of Dover and responsible for many tasks. If you go on the Internet under, what I do is there for everyone to read. Representing the citizens of Dover is something I take very seriously. If I don’t know the answer to a question or issue, I will find the answer. My door to the mayor’s office is always open.

This is a critical period for our city and our country. My goal is to continue to bring more businesses and jobs to Dover. I will continue working on having a secure city, with a good quality of life for our citizens. I will continue to work effectively with our other legislative groups, federal, state and county, by communicating and sharing our ideas. I will continue to improve the infrastructure of all our utilities.

I feel I am the right choice for your future. I am committed, consistent and involved and work for you, the citizens of Dover.