Candidate Adam Perza tells why he should be elected to represent the city's Second District.

My candidacy for Dover City Council is driven by the desire to make Dover as good a place to live for my two children as it was for me. Growing up in Crossgates, I walked to school at Reilly Brown every day without a care in the world. Dover was a safe place to live and a great place to grow up. Now I want to help ensure that Dover is an even better place for my own children to grow up.
After a decade of discussion and planning, construction of the new city library is on the horizon. I want my two children to have the benefit of this resource to ensure they are best positioned to compete with kids from other parts of the state and region when it is their time to go off to college.

During periods of prolonged economic recession, the city needs the input of persons with business experience who must set budget priorities and determine how to invest limited resources in order to produce a profit and survive. I am a partner in a small business and must make these types of decisions on a daily basis.

My hope is that the people of the Second District would consider voting for me on April 20 based on the new perspective I would offer to City Council and provide a commitment to cooperate with state and local government to minimize costs and provide services in a more efficient manner.