Candidate William P. McGlumphy tells why he should be elected to represent the city's Second District.

This year marks the beginning of an extremely challenging time in city government. With the recession continuing, city revenues are still falling and a difficult budget season looms. Now, more than ever, the Second District needs a knowledgeable council representative who has the experience and understanding to govern in these challenging times. I have served on council for eight years, presently serving as chairman of the Legislative, Finance, and Administration Committee.
As your representative, I have often challenged the status quo and I take pride in being an independent decision maker with no particular interest group. My campaign espouses a smaller, more efficient local government. My program seeks to prioritize, and then right size, all city departments. With costs rising and future revenues decreasing, the city is facing a projected shortfall of $4.7 million in its general fund. We are facing significant challenges.
In January, a preliminary budget proposal was presented to council. The proposal restored 3.5% increases for salaries, provided for no furloughs, increased salaries by 3% in 2011, granted potential salary upgrades ($6,725), increased trash fees 225%, increased water rates (10%), wastewater rates (10%), and selected fees (10%). In addition, three positions will receive deferred salary increases of $6,730 (city manager), $9,999 (P&R director), and $1,470 (planning director).
Now, more than ever, you need to let your voice be heard! Otherwise, council may take your silence as acceptance. What are you willing to live with or without?