Candidate Karlton Schmidt tells why he should be elected to Dover City Council.

My goal is to represent the citizens of the Second District and to utilize my life experiences and common sense along with my property management knowledge to help build and maintain the type of city and community that the taxpayers want and can afford.
So many people in our city are losing their jobs, facing salary cuts, increased utility and fuel costs and it is important to administer the taxpayers’ funds so they receive the best value for there hard earned money.
Many of our citizens are losing their homes due to the current economy. Our senior citizens and military retirees are finding it difficult to balance their budgets and it may become unaffordable if taxes and fees are not measurably controlled during these times.
Our city manager along with council must make every effort to encourage the ease of starting a business and helping to maintain our current courageous business entrepreneurs so there will jobs and stability for our citizens and a stable tax base for city services.
I will promote more communications with all citizens and businesses so they truly feel as they are in control of their local government and have a chance to be heard. I look forward to helping with plans and projections for future energy sources and production for the city to provide the most efficient and affordable utilities to its users.
I hope that you will give me the opportunity to serve and please vote for me on April 20.