Whether it's sneakily watching March Madness games on your work computer or spending an inordinate amount of time at the water cooler, everyone has their ways of blowing off work for a few minutes here and there. If we were to waste time, here's how we might do it.

We recently heard a rumor that a company had to turn off online streaming during March Madness because its employees were wasting too much time watching games and betting. We’re not much for betting in-office here, but I’m sure if pressed we could think of a few ways to waste time. Not that we do that, of course, but if we did, this is what we’d do.

Jeff Brown
1 Looking up old girlfriends and sending them photos of my homes on the Riviera, Paris and Rome.
2 Working on plans for a cold fusion reactor to be built in Hartly.
3 Sending harassing emails to that “404-Error” guy.

Brian Citino, staff writer
1 The website www.prosportsdaily.com. It compiles every major newspaper article on each professional sports team in one place. Amazing site.
2 YouTube. The things you can find on there.
3 In the fall, fantasy football. In the spring and summer, fantasy baseball.

Doug Denison, staff writer
1 www.cakewrecks.com
2 www.unnecessaryquotes.com
3 www.toothpastefordinner.com

Jayne Gest, staff writer
1 Taking trivia quizzes at www.mentalfloss.com — The pursuit of useless knowledge is always fun.
2 Yahoo games, notably Text Twist and Bejeweled 2.
3 A roundup of the day’s national and international news on the websites of New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and then BBC.

Sarika Jagtiani, staff writer
1 Lunchtime quizzes on www.mentalfloss.com — Can you name the 50 state capitals in 10 minutes?
2 Spending too much at the iTunes store — This usually starts out innocently enough with downloading one song, and then getting suckered into the “If you liked them, perhaps you would also like...” Damn you, iTunes!
3 Developing a musical about the daily grind of the Dover Post editorial staff — This (never-to-be-seen) musical includes the gem “Paper Jam,” a tune about printer troubles set to meandering guitar work.

Maureen Raitz, editor
1 Find deals on vacations to amazing places that I will never get to take.
2 Search for tropical properties to purchase, with plans of retiring there. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near retirement age.
3 Watch YouTube videos on Brian’s computer.