Jim Waldron opened U-Save Liquors at the corner of Webbs Lane and New Burton Road on March 12, offering area residents affordable beer, wine and spirits.

A vacant building at the corner of Webbs Lane and New Burton Road has finally been filled, as Jim Waldron opened U-Save Liquors in that spot March 12.

Waldron, a retired accountant, said he wanted to offer the highly residential area a convenient spot to pick up their spirits for affordable prices.

The owner sat down with the Dover Post March 26 to discuss his new business.

Q What made you decide to open a liquor store and how has the reception been so far?

A I’m retired, and I got tired of sitting around and watching TV. So it was something for me to do. The reception has been OK. It increases each day. People for the most part have seen this building sit empty for a year, and aren’t even aware that a liquor store is in here. So they’re taking notice now.

Q The store is in a fairly residential area. What are some of the benefits to opening up where you have?

A Well you want homes to be in your area. People driving by a highway liquor store sometimes don’t want to stop when they’re driving 60 miles per hour. They may say, ‘I’ll just pass by and stop at my local store.’ And that’s what this is, a convenience for the neighborhood. It’s nice for people around here to not have to drive so far.

Q What sets you apart from other liquor stores in the area?

A I think my prices, my beer prices especially, are lower around than my competitors around here. I’m selling 30 packs for $19.99, so hopefully the lower prices will bring people in.

Q The store seems pretty well stocked, but there’s room for more products. How do you go about figuring out what else to bring in?

A I’m not completely stocked up yet, because for the most part, I don’t want to stock these shelves with something that’s going to grow moss on it. I want something that’s going to move.

Q So do you wait for people to request things and stock that way?

A Yes. There are things that I’ve brought in already that people have asked me for. It depends on when people ask me, but I can pretty much get anything for them in two to three days.

Q Does that include liquor, beer and wine?

A It includes everything. I just have to call the distributor and get it in. For instance, we haven’t gotten any kegs in yet. But if someone wanted to order one, I’d be glad to bring it in.

U-Save Liquors
ADDRESS Webbs Lane and New Burton Road, Dover
HOURS 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday; noon to 8 p.m. Sunday
PHONE 735-4555

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