Customers are urged to prepare.

As another winter storm threatens to affect the region, Delmarva Power has scheduled extra call center personnel and has plans to call in additional field crews as needed. Heavy snow and high winds can cause branches to fall onto power lines and lead to interruptions in electric service. The utility urges customers to stay safe and prepare for possible power outages by taking the following precautions:

Never touch a downed wire. Report downed wires, tree branches on wires, pole accidents and power outages immediately by calling Delmarva Power at 800-898-8045.

Have extra blankets, a warm coat, gloves or mittens, hat, and water-resistant boots and dress in light layers.

Check and restock your emergency storm kit for flashlights, fresh batteries, a battery-operated radio or television, nonperishable food items such as energy bars, bottled water, a first aid kit and essential medication.

Have a landline telephone that does not require electricity to operate and fully charge mobile phones and laptop computers.

Prepare an evacuation plan in case of long-term outages — especially those customers requiring electric-powered life-support equipment.

Stay informed. Listen to and read weather reports and local news for the most up-to-date information.

Be sure to clear snow and ice from outdoor vents of appliances.