Original gospel play "Seasons of Life" comes to DSU with message of hope, dreams, and overcoming difficult situations. The show runs at 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28.

Gina Edwards set out to write a play but couldn’t find the inspiration for it. Then she remembered something her 11th-grade teacher used to say: Write what you see.

“I have a big imagination, so let me write what I see,” Edwards said.

The story kept on going and she ended up writing a fictional novel instead. Once that was out of her system, though, the play “Seasons of Life” came to her. Audiences will get to see the Christian-themed musical play at 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, at Delaware State University’s Education & Humanities Theatre.

“Seasons of Life” – The Remix takes viewers into the lives of a single mom and a first lady, and their struggles, from single motherhood to their children’s issues to work stresses to worrying about when they’re going to get married. Although the main characters are women, the show was written for all audience members.

“No matter who you are, male and female, you can relate to someone because they’re realistic, and that’s what makes the play impressionable,” Edwards said.

The author and producer has been writing for years, including two children’s plays. She’s also been writing music since her early 20s, and started singing and playing the piano as a child, so finding the songs for the show was a cinch.

“It was amazing how I could go back through the years and fit them into the play,” she said.

Many of the songs came to her while she was praying or reading her Bible, and they fit into the Christian play nicely. There was a little tweaking to make them fit the story and characters, but that was about it.

The music wasn’t the only thing Edwards changed. The addition of “The Remix” to the title of the show connotes the revisions they’ve made since it first ran at Chapel Street Players in October. There are two different songs, three new cast members and edited dialogue.

“You learn some things and you want to get better all the time,” Edwards said.

Overall, the play remains true to its origins, though.

“The message of the play is really just dreaming, and believing, and hoping again,” she said.

WHAT “Seasons of Life” – The Remix
WHEN 7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28
WHERE Delaware State University Education & Humanities Theatre
ADMISSION $10, students free with ID
MORE INFO http://seasonsoflifeplay.org