A Harrington man, identified as Bradley S. Wingo, 23, has been jailed after a Feb. 20 domestic incident.

A Harrington man was jailed Feb. 20 following his arrest on numerous charges related to a domestic dispute episode.

The incident took place Feb. 20 near the intersection of Messick Road and Central Park Drive, where police had responded to the domestic dispute call, said police spokesman Cpl. Earl K. Brode. When officers arrived, they spotted the suspect, identified as Bradley S. Wingo, 23, leaving the scene. The officer stopped Wingo’s vehicle and took Wingo into custody after detecting the odor of alcohol.

The officer determined Wingo had assaulted one person and tried to hit another with his vehicle, Brode said, adding Wingo also had tried to take a victim’s cell phone away when he was trying to call 911.

Wingo was charged with reckless endangering, malicious interference with emergency communications, offensive touching, disorderly conduct and DUI. He was jailed at the Sussex County Correctional Institute in default of a $5,000 cash bond.