Emily Litchford and Giovanna "Geo Geo" Genoese, both seniors at Dover High School, signed letters of intent Feb. 18 to attend Millersville and Kutztown universities, respectively.

As Dover High School senior field hockey players Emily Litchford and Giovanna “Geo Geo” Genoese signed their collegiate letters of intent Feb. 18 in the school’s library, they became something they’ve never been — rivals.

Litchford penned her name to attend Millersville University while Genoese signed on to go to Kutztown University, two schools that only are 48 miles apart and who play each other every season.

Both girls said they’re excited about the prospect of facing each other at the college level after being instrumental parts of the Dover program for the last four years.

“She’s definitely my best friend,” Litchford said. “It’ll be fun. We’ll be able to hang out because we’ll be so close. And then I know when we play, it’ll just be a lot of fun and definitely a rivalry.”

“I’m excited,” Genoese added. “It’ll be fun to see who wins. It’ll be nice to see her while she’s at school, too.”

It is just coincidence that the girls are so close in their college choices, as both sought out the next level of education and field hockey separately.

Genoese said while it was nice to be able to continue her hockey career following a senior year season in which she played only a handful of games due to being injured, that it was the other parts of Kutztown that really attracted her.

“I went on a visit to the school and it just felt like a place where I thought I’d do well,” she said. “It’s about the school first off, not about the sport. I just liked the environment there and an added bonus is having a hockey team that I think I can do well with.”

Litchford plans on double majoring in elementary education and special education, and said as far as field hockey is concerned, she thinks she can step right in and prove her worth.

“It was my first choice ever since I visited there,” she said. “I think I can step right in. [Head Coach Shelly Behrens] is a fair coach. Almost everybody plays. But I’ll go there and do whatever she wants me to do.”

Genoese, who will major in political science, has similar feelings about her freshman year in college field hockey, adding that given the opportunity, she would prove her worth.

“I think that if I work hard enough, I’ll be able to make an impact and I’ll prove to them I deserve a spot on the field,” she said.

Senator Head Coach Denise Kimbro said the two college-bound girls serve as role models for other girls on her team, as well as other students at Dover High.

“I’m really excited for them,” Kimbro said. “I’m excited and I think that it sets a good tone for our program, that at Dover High, if you get good grades and you’re a role model, than good things can come out of athletics for you.”

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