Superintendent of schools warns that children who are sick -- and some will catch the H1N1 virus this year -- must not be sent to school.

   Lake Forest School District Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel Curry said it will be parents’ responsibility to make sure their children are healthy before sending them to class. 

   Curry’s statement came during the district school board meeting, held Aug. 27, in response to questions about the possible resurgence of the H1N1 influenza virus that struck earlier this year. 

   National health officials, including those at the Center for Disease Control, have expressed concerns the virus could return, possibly in a mutated form, with the opening of schools across the country.

    In a later interview, Curry said nurses at each of the district’s schools have been working in tandem to address the possibility of a flu outbreak. 

   “Our nurses have gotten together and they’re preparing a common statement that will be provided to all families and will be posted on our website,” Curry said.


   The nursing staff also will point out avenues toward prevention of the flu and district officials will advise how they will handle the situation when children become ill.


   And, Curry said, parents should realize a number of district children will catch the H1N1, despite all their precautions.


   “We just say, expect your child may get the flu,” he said.


   In addition to prevention, which includes frequent hand washing, use of clean handkerchiefs and not reusing tissues, working parents also should plan how to handle child care if their students must stay at home.

    That means finding someone to babysit because commercial child care centers will not allow sick children.

    “Kids don’t get sick on purpose, but the flu is the flu and it has a way of getting around,” Curry said.

 In other business … 

   Curry noted the district is beginning the school year with new leadership at several schools, including:

 Jim Cave, former principal at W.T. Chipman Middle School, promoted to principal of Lake Forest High School.  Doug Brown, a former assistant principal in Seaford, named principal of W.T Chipman. John Martin, a former assistant principal in the Appoquinimink School District, now principal at Central Elementary School. Dr. Bridget Armory, a former assistant principal in Milford, now principal of Lake Forest South Elementary School.

   In addition, Jacque Wisnauskas, a former principal in the Christina School District, is now the district’s supervisor of special education. 

   “Four of our six schools have new leaders, and there’s a lot of new enthusiasm out there in our leadership teams,” Curry said.

    “You know, when you get new leadership teams, they’re inspired and they’re motivated to us they deserve that opportunity, that they deserve to be a leader,” he said.

    Curry also thanked the district’s recent retirees, who he said built legacies of their own that will be felt in the district for many years.

    On another note, Curry has started a blog that will deal with education issues in the district. He’ll post new entries at least weekly, but more often if need be, and encourages people to bring up new ideas through the blog.

    “I want people to make comments and give me suggestions,” he said. “I’ll be looking for those.” 

   Curry’s blog, with its first two entries, may be found at