Members of Delaware's Congressional delegation released statements praising the late Sen. Edward Kennedy following his death Tuesday night.

    All three members of Delaware’s congressional delegation issued statements honoring Sen. Edward M. Kennedy following his death Aug. 25.

    Sen. Tom Carper, De-Del., said, “Before coming to the United States Senate in 2001, like a lot of Americans, I thought of Ted Kennedy as one of the most popular, progressive, passionate, and partisan senators. It turns out he was also one of the most practical members of the Senate and regarded by his colleagues as the most bipartisan.

    “His voice will be missed by all of his colleagues, Democrat and Republican alike. That voice — and his leadership — have been sorely missed already this year in our efforts to adopt meaningful, bipartisan healthcare legislation.

    “Had his own health allowed him to fully participate, we would be far closer to consensus today on a path to healthcare in America whose quality provides better outcomes, whose cost is more affordable, and whose access is more broad.

    “My thoughts and prayers are with his family, the state of Massachusetts, and with all those who knew and loved him.”

    Sen. Ted Kaufman, D-Del., the state’s junior senator, said, “Ted Kennedy was the perfect example of what a great senator should be. He was thoughtful, articulate, and effective. For over 40 years, through his passionate words and deeds, he was the most effective advocate for the less powerful in our society.

    “One of my greatest honors was serving with Ted Kennedy. We will all miss him.”

    Rep. Mike Castle, R-Del., said, “Sen. Kennedy's life was dedicated to helping those less fortunate and his death marks the end of an iconic American era.

    “In spite of his personal tragedies, he will always be remembered as one of the nation's leading liberal voices who also made significant legislative gains through collaborative bipartisan efforts, such as Title IX, NCLB, IDEA and Head Start.

    “I have fond memories of working with Sen. Kennedy on education issues over the years and know he will be missed by many in the United States Congress.”