Firefighters found windows boarded from inside after two people were killed the morning of Feb. 26 in a house fire.

    The Delaware state medical examiner’s office is investigating the deaths of two people found inside a Dover home after a two-alarm fire early Feb. 26.

    Firefighters from Camden-Wyoming and Magnolia fire companies arrived on scene at 407 David Hall Road in the Rodney Village housing development at 5:34 a.m., according to a statement from Delaware State Police Sgt. Joshua A. Bushweller.

    After extinguishing the fire, they discovered the bodies of Louis W. Libby, 61, and Pok Sun Libby, 69.

    To gain entry to the burning building, firefighters were forced to use chainsaws to cut holes in the house’s windows, which had been boarded up from the inside.

    They also removed two charred gas cans from the house and placed them on the front lawn.

    The state Fire Marshal’s Office has not yet determined the cause of the fire and is continuing to investigate. An official report on both victims’ cause of death is expected sometime this week.

    Neighbors said the Libbys were private people whom they had rarely spoken to in the approximately five years since they moved in.

    Luther Puckett lives next door to the Libby house. He reported that after moving in, Mr. Libby uprooted all the plants in his yard and quarreled with neighbors whose shrubbery and gardens came too close to his fence.

    Learning the Libbys kept their windows boarded from the inside was no surprise to Puckett, who said he almost never saw lights on inside the house.

    Mike Billings, who lives across the street, said his only interaction with the couple was an altercation he had with Mr. Libby regarding cars parked on the street in front of his house.

    Both neighbors said Mr. Libby’s behavior toward his wife was unusual.

    Puckett remembered several instances where either he or his wife attempted to talk with Mrs. Libby as she entered or exited the house.

    On those occasions Mrs. Libby appeared skittish and concerned, and immediately ceased conversation when Mr. Libby appeared at the door, Puckett said.

    Billings’ wife Sandi agreed and said she too thought the couple acted strangely.

    “I got the impression [Mrs. Libby] wasn’t allowed outside,” she said.

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