Deeds and building permits for Dover and Kent County for the week of Jan. 28.


    Ejiro and Okie Mute Diejomaoh to Brie W. Willis, Knotts Landing subdivision, Lot 39, Starland Way, city of Milford, 10,000 sq. ft., $265,000.

    David B. Dolan to Marcellus T. and Lynn E. Myers, Sawmill Village subdivision, Lot 1, 202 Northeast Eighth St., city of Milford, 17,680 sq. ft., $169,000.

    U.S. Bank National Association to Joseph D. and Connie L. Perry, Mayfair subdivision, Lot 257, Kesselring Avenue, East Dover Hundred, $129,000.

    Jeannette St. Sauveur to Aaron Michael and Shanessy Ann Owens, Lands of Jody Vaughn McGuekin subdivision, 85 Lakeview Ave., East Dover Hundred, 13,350 sq. ft., $177,000.

    Nancy M. Meyer to Brown & Brown Properties LLC, 34 Front St., town of Frederica, $35,000.

    DEProp LLC to NVR Inc., Hazel Farm subdivision, Lots 80 and 96, Little Creek Hundred, $150,000.

    U.S. Bank National Association to R. David and Karen E. Sommers, Hampton Square II subdivision, Lot 55, 30 Greenway Lane, city of Dover, 3,980 sq. ft., $115,000.

    Stover Homes LLC to Sonya T. Barksdale, Nottingham Meadows subdivision, Lot 107, Gillibrook Lane, city of Dover, 10,427 sq. ft., $227,575.33.

    Kristopher E. and Robin Mallory to Terrell Taylor and Christina Manzi, 209 Ingram St., East Dover Hundred, 7,614 sq. ft., $197,000.

    Robert Carroll Jr. to Christopher M. Shetzler, 2334 Judith Road, West Dover Hundred, 5.201 acres, $335,000.

    Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Christopher A. Baskow and Eveline Zygadio, Petersburg Estates subdivision, Lot 6, 603 Cow Marsh Creek Road, North Murderkill Hundred, 20,000 sq. ft., $158,900.

    Sean Michael Johnson to Conda W. and Ladonna A. Lewis Jr., Canterville subdivision, Lot 13, 268 Pardoners Tale Lane, South Murderkill Hundred, 1.187 acres, $160,000.

    Eagle View Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Eagle’s View subdivision, Lots 136 to 139, town of Smyrna, $122,000.

    Lexington Glen Inc. to Corey L. Barnes, Lexington Glen subdivision, Lot 78, 166 Lexington Place, East Dover Hundred, 5,400 sq. ft., $186,865.33.

    Lexington Glen Inc. to Richard T. Dunning, Lexington Glen subdivision, Lot 79, 164 Lexington Place, East Dover Hundred, 5,400 sq. ft., $182,000.

    Stacey August and Cindy Kates to Judy L. August and Ruth Taylor, 208 W. Big Woods Road, Duck Creek Hundred, 40,625 sq. ft., $50,000.

    Laureltowne Holdings LLC to Rayann E. Fryatt, Laureltowne subdivision, Lot 75, Chipman Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 10,714 sq. ft., $249,000.

    Deutsche Bank National Trust to John Levitt, Bay Tree Towns House Condominium, Lot 43, Fairwind Place, city of Dover, 7,133 sq. ft., $91,900.

Dover building permits

    Renovations, 591 S. DuPont Highway, Hawaiko II LLC, $30,089.

    Renovations, 353 N. Governor’s Ave., Oriaku Nwosu, $5,000.

    Addition, 1131 N. DuPont Highway, Dover Downs Inc., $235,000.

    Renovations, 9 Michael Court, David K. and Sandra L. Mitten, $64,375.

    Addition, 335 Fiddlers Green, Robert W. and Mary D. Hartley, $20,000.

    Siding, 365 Kesselring Ave., Donald R. and Janet M. Knouse, $1,480.

    House, 430 Topaz Circle, Emerald Pointe Inc., $167,345.

    House, 426 Topaz Circle, Emerald Pointe Inc., $203,701.

    House, 418 Topaz Circle, Emerald Pointe Inc., $202,645.

    House, 105 Revolutionary Boulevard, Craft Built Homes LLC, $178,085.

    House, 15 Nicholas Drive, Lexington Glen Inc., $110,653.

Kent County building permits

    Renovations, 1334 Yoder Drive, Constance Marie Farrell, $27,000.

    Alterations, 2681 Jackson Ditch Road, Donald L. Porter, $2,160.

    House, Olde Field Drive, Olde Field Village LLC, $129,948.

    Billboard, 1133 S. Little Creek Road, Richard E. Devincentis, $27,000.

    Finished basement, 678 Hampton Hill Drive, Shunli Zhang, $9,395.

    Renovations, 7 Jackson St., Joseph Jones, $5,454.

    Shed, 1049 Yoder Drive, Jeffrey L. King, $5,760.

    House, SHR 105, Steven W. Rucker, $159,986.

    House, Plica Circle, Schiff Land Development, $149,343.

    Addition, 1202 Longridge Road, Michael B. Miller, $3,472.

    Commercial building, Strauss Avenue, Maddalena Rental LLC, $1,500.

    House, Deep Grass Lane, John R. Luff III, $90,894.

    Addition, 529 E. Goldinger Road, GT Designs Inc., $82,569.

    Addition, 670 Jackson Ditch Road, James H. Cole, $6,300.

    Commercial building, South Red Haven Lane, Longacre Village LLC, $40,000.

    House, Tulip Drive, Willowwood Development Inc., $115,492.

    Deck, 2346 Tower Road, Mark Kohout, $1,530.

    Detached garage, 744 Shady Bridge Road, Patricia Grygo, $7,680.

    House, Windrow Way, Schiff Land Development, $160,033.

    House, Almonds Way, The Ryland Group Inc., $143,780.

    House, Peach Peddler Path, Trey Inc., $176,335.

    Porch, 7 S. Main St., Russell A. Moore, $2,660.

    Porch, 5 S. Main St., Herbert F. Moore, $2,660.

    Renovations, Farmington Road, Barry A. Simpson, $11,700.

    Renovations, 2291 Woodland Beach Road, Steven A. Matarese, $1,650.

    Renovations, Canterbury Road, Shirley Elaine Jones, $4,043.

    Shed, 115 Jefferson Woods Drive, Maynard C. Spicer, $1,680.

    Agricultural building, 242 Curvy Lane, Phillip N. Sylvester, $11,136.

    Shed, 2098 Bryants Corner Road, James B. Hagen, $1,820.

    Shed, 1131 Deep Grass Lane, George Bixby, $1,120.