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  • Deeds and permits

  • Deeds and building permits for Dover and Kent County for the week of Nov. 12.

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  • Deeds
    Stover Homes LLC to Edward J. and Odella Farrell, Nottingham Meadows subdivision, Lot 17, Derbyshire Avenue, East Dover Hundred, 10,800 sq. ft., $261,725.33.
    Gavin B. Iteen to Naa-Atswei Teetteh, Acorn Farms subdivision, Lot 50, Acacia Place, city of Dover, 4,508 sq. ft., $170,000.
    Satterfield Development LLC to Homes of Satterfield LLC, Satterfield subdivision, Lots 2, 5, 91, 197, 198, 234, 235 and 273, South Murderkill Hundred, $792,000.
    Peter Galley to Stephen G. Campagnini and Barbara J. Stevens, 240 Welch Family Lane, North Murderkill Hundred, 1 acre, $191,000.
    L&D Development Corp. to Jennifer J. Burch, Barrett Farm subdivision, lot 20, Golder Street, North Murderkill Hundred, 11,304 sq. ft., $260,664.
    Nicole I. and Jason L. Johnson to Delores Ibeh, Independence Village subdivision, Lot 141, South Hancock Avenue, city of Dover, $210,000.
    John T. Cros to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Eagles Chase subdivision, Lot 51, 411 Eagle Way, town of Smyrna, $183,000.
    Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company to Mark A. Howard, Eagles Chase subdivision, Lot 51, 411 Eagle Way, town of Smyrna, $183,000.
    Robin R. DeLong to Robin R. DeLong and Michael W. Carlisle, Paris Woods subdivision, Lot 21, The Branch, Milford Hundred, 33,472 sq. ft., $15,850.
    Rosemark Development LLC to Hogan J. and Sung S. Lee, Four Seasons subdivision, Lot 34, 51 St. Bernardino Circle, city of Dover, 10,343 sq. ft., $289,900.
    William L. Holden Jr., Jean Solomon and Ann Thompson to Weather Tight Construction Co. LLC, Westwood Place subdivision, Lot 3, 948 Forrest St., East Dover Hundred, $150,000.
    James K. and Christina M. Krokos to Marie M. Christopherson, Bloomfield Acres subdivision, Lot 12, Foxglove Drive, Milford Hundred, 22,050 sq. ft., $218,000.
    Frederick T. and Linda M. Davis to Randal C. and Jodie B. Whitehead, Irish Hill subdivision, Lot 36, 45 Tullamore Road, South Murderkill Hundred, $259,000.
    Scott and Barbara Millar to Delaware city Station LLC, Huesman subdivision, Lot 81, Bay Drive, East Dover Hundred, $715,000.
    Dieter Wurst and Cecelia Mallamo to Teresa A. Youngcourt, Wind Song Farms subdivision, Lot 52, 175 Wind Song Drive, Kenton Hundred, 1 acre, $308,000.
    Primacy Closing Corporation to Brian W. and Lacie Agnes Boettger, Cranberry Run subdivision, Lot 49, Falmouth Way, city of Dover, 12,264 sq. ft., $246,000.
    Charles and Shirley Hann to James P. and Gloria J. Nelligan, Hidden Pond subdivision, Lot 44, Mayor Lane, town of Felton, 10,921 sq. ft., $258,000.
    Citation Development Inc. to Andrea Keen, and Loretta G. and Joseph G. Aligo, Heritage Trace subdivision, Lot 117, 149 Arrowwood Drive, Kenton Hundred, 20,936 sq. ft., $341,950.
    Charles L. Simmons and Julia K. Riddlebarger to Yolanda Y. Waldo, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 73, 106 Thames Drive, city of Dover, 2,416 sq. ft., $155,000.
    Ammon H. and Alma E. Miller to Scott A. and Terri H. Hathaway, Lands of John Kadas subdivision, County Road 224, West Dover Hundred, 11.66 acres, $405,000.
    Tara J. and Shawn P. Wallace to Gregory Tkacz, West Shore subdivision, Lot 29, 425 Kates Way, town of Smyrna, 0.18 acre, $200,000.
    Eileen C. Clark to Cassandra A. Codes-Johnson, Greenview Development subdivision, Lot 25, 212 Greenview Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 15,000 sq. ft., $219,900.
    Page 2 of 3 - Pointe Landing LLC to Richmond American Homes of Pennsylvania Inc., Pointe Landing subdivision, Lots 6, 79, 82 and 84, North Murderkill Hundred, $260,000.
    Anthony J. and Janae L. Aglio to James M. Vollmer, Chimney Hill subdivision, Lot 103, East Chimney Top Lane, South Murderkill Hundred, 12,187 sq. ft., $234,500.
    Conrad P. and Amanda F. Reynolds to Sean Kelly, Cypress Creek subdivision, Lot 286, 826 West Birdie Lane, North Murderkill Hundred, 14,625 sq. ft., $244,000.
    Albert N. and Dorothy M. Caulley to Lenore D. Brock, Schoolview subdivision, Lot 68, 658 Roberta Ave., city of Dover, 8,065 sq. ft., $175,000.
    The Mists LLC to Richard Curtis and Elvida Yoder, The Mists at Blairs Pond subdivision, Lot 3, Milford Hundred, $85,000.
    Lee W. Moore to Thomas E. and Rebecca Dougherty Socorso, Lands of Lee W. Moore, Lot 1, County Road 390, Milford Hundred, 1.815 acres, $293,600.
    NVR Inc. to Florence Bahemurwaki, Providence Crossing subdivision, Lot 103, Coldwater Drive, town of Clayton, 11,041 sq. ft., $269,725.33.
    Lakeshore Village Development Group to Chena I. Bain, Lakeshore Glen subdivision, Lot 5, West Goldinger Road, Little Creek Hundred, 11,999 sq. ft., $267,720.
    Westover LLC to James K. and Adwoa C. Brew-Mensah, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 391, Northdown Drive, city of Dover, 7,560 sq. ft., $209,203.33.
    Lakeshore Village Development Corp. to Timothy D. and Thelma B. Parker, Lakeshore Village subdivision, Lot 315, East Goldinger Road, Little Creek Hundred, 14,127 sq. ft., $240,000.
    Olde Field Village LLC and LHID Olde Field Village LLC to Steven Dow, Olde Field Village subdivision, Lot 5, South Murderkill Hundred, 10,396 sq. ft., $245,000.
    Stephen and Sandra Devary to Michael and Kyong Farkas, Fox Hollow subdivision, Lot 55, Fox Hollow Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 13,695 sq. ft., $249,500.
    Dover building permits
    House, 324 Gillibrook Lane, Stover Homes LLC, $142,520.
    Addition, 81 Washington St., Timothy P. Layton, $1,500.
    Renovations, 1128 S. Bradford St., Delaware Solid Waste Authority, $15,000.
    Renovations, 905 S. Governors Ave., Kay McWood LLC, $48,000.
    Shed, 372 Troon Road, Jane Leverage-Willis, $2,200.
    Renovations, 926 Westview Terrace, David W. and Teresa M. Glass, $4,000.
    Addition, 614 Nimitz Road, Hampton H. and Vivian B. Trigg, $30,000.
    Windows, 43 Pine St., Rose M. Bryan, $1,462.
    Siding, 414 Alder Road, Matthew Scott, $20,000.
    Kent County building permits
    Detached garage, 328 Bowers Beach Road, Shawn L. Mallak, $19,712.
    Pole building, 308 Taraila Road, James W. Luff, $8,960.
    Renovations, South DuPont Highway, Lucky Estates/Scenic Acres, $25,000.
    Pole building, 13 Legend Lane, Benjamin Leo Pate, $6,720.
    Raised roof, 23047 S. DuPont Highway, Delbert L. Dixon, $16,500.
    Addition, 1588 Morgans Choice Road, Dalton G. Neudecker, $34,100.
    Addition, 53 Pleasonton Drive, D. Brian Beckman, $17,957.
    Shed, 48 Victoria Circle, Raymond Carl Montsch, $1,400.
    Addition, 602 Milford Neck Road, John K. Vester Jr., $49,900.
    House, 265 Refuge Run, Canterbury Homes Inc., $91,212.
    Deck, 43 Pineridge Road, Ridgewood Manor II Inc., $1,649.
    Pole building, 617 Flatiron Road, Jeffrey T. Wright, $7,680.
    Renovations and porch, Delaware Avenue, Kenneth M. Sellers, $11,175.
    Page 3 of 3 - Pellet Stove, 856 Carrington Drive, Robert G. Clark, $1,250.
    Roofing and renovations, 2327 Crystal Road, Bret Steele, $51,300.
    Addition, 2327 Crystal Road, Bret Steele, $47,490.
    Alterations, Fox Run Drive, Shore Enterprises LLC, $1,250.
    Ramp, 73 Strawberry Drive, Shelly Yankwitt, $1,224.
    Sunroom, 101 Basswood Drive, Michael W. McGuire, $17,500.
    Agricultural building, 2158 Prospect Church Road, Robert F. Garey Jr., $7,200.
    Renovations, 140 Moccasin Path, Joerg B. Barbutes, $5,237.
    House, South High Meadow Drive, Satterfield Development LLC, $113,157.
    Fence, SHR 116, Land of Nanticoke, $1,250.
    House, Zion Drive, Timber Mills LLC, $219,485.
    Deck, 37 W. Braeburn Drive, William L. Wright II, $2,380.
    Agricultural building, 502 W. Denneys Road, William Ray Byler, $9,936.
    Shed, 8143 Park Brown Road, Dolores H. Swain, $1,344.
    Pool, 91 Trillium Drive, Jeffrey A. Hansen, $33,500.
    Shed, 565 Main St., Todd H. Moran, $1,344.
    Shed, 627 Church Hill Road, Dolores D. McConaughy, $1,176.

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