Deeds and building permits for Dover and Kent County for the week of Nov. 12.


    Stover Homes LLC to Edward J. and Odella Farrell, Nottingham Meadows subdivision, Lot 17, Derbyshire Avenue, East Dover Hundred, 10,800 sq. ft., $261,725.33.

    Gavin B. Iteen to Naa-Atswei Teetteh, Acorn Farms subdivision, Lot 50, Acacia Place, city of Dover, 4,508 sq. ft., $170,000.

    Satterfield Development LLC to Homes of Satterfield LLC, Satterfield subdivision, Lots 2, 5, 91, 197, 198, 234, 235 and 273, South Murderkill Hundred, $792,000.

    Peter Galley to Stephen G. Campagnini and Barbara J. Stevens, 240 Welch Family Lane, North Murderkill Hundred, 1 acre, $191,000.

    L&D Development Corp. to Jennifer J. Burch, Barrett Farm subdivision, lot 20, Golder Street, North Murderkill Hundred, 11,304 sq. ft., $260,664.

    Nicole I. and Jason L. Johnson to Delores Ibeh, Independence Village subdivision, Lot 141, South Hancock Avenue, city of Dover, $210,000.

    John T. Cros to Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Eagles Chase subdivision, Lot 51, 411 Eagle Way, town of Smyrna, $183,000.

    Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company to Mark A. Howard, Eagles Chase subdivision, Lot 51, 411 Eagle Way, town of Smyrna, $183,000.

    Robin R. DeLong to Robin R. DeLong and Michael W. Carlisle, Paris Woods subdivision, Lot 21, The Branch, Milford Hundred, 33,472 sq. ft., $15,850.

    Rosemark Development LLC to Hogan J. and Sung S. Lee, Four Seasons subdivision, Lot 34, 51 St. Bernardino Circle, city of Dover, 10,343 sq. ft., $289,900.

    William L. Holden Jr., Jean Solomon and Ann Thompson to Weather Tight Construction Co. LLC, Westwood Place subdivision, Lot 3, 948 Forrest St., East Dover Hundred, $150,000.

    James K. and Christina M. Krokos to Marie M. Christopherson, Bloomfield Acres subdivision, Lot 12, Foxglove Drive, Milford Hundred, 22,050 sq. ft., $218,000.

    Frederick T. and Linda M. Davis to Randal C. and Jodie B. Whitehead, Irish Hill subdivision, Lot 36, 45 Tullamore Road, South Murderkill Hundred, $259,000.

    Scott and Barbara Millar to Delaware city Station LLC, Huesman subdivision, Lot 81, Bay Drive, East Dover Hundred, $715,000.

    Dieter Wurst and Cecelia Mallamo to Teresa A. Youngcourt, Wind Song Farms subdivision, Lot 52, 175 Wind Song Drive, Kenton Hundred, 1 acre, $308,000.

    Primacy Closing Corporation to Brian W. and Lacie Agnes Boettger, Cranberry Run subdivision, Lot 49, Falmouth Way, city of Dover, 12,264 sq. ft., $246,000.

    Charles and Shirley Hann to James P. and Gloria J. Nelligan, Hidden Pond subdivision, Lot 44, Mayor Lane, town of Felton, 10,921 sq. ft., $258,000.

    Citation Development Inc. to Andrea Keen, and Loretta G. and Joseph G. Aligo, Heritage Trace subdivision, Lot 117, 149 Arrowwood Drive, Kenton Hundred, 20,936 sq. ft., $341,950.

    Charles L. Simmons and Julia K. Riddlebarger to Yolanda Y. Waldo, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 73, 106 Thames Drive, city of Dover, 2,416 sq. ft., $155,000.

    Ammon H. and Alma E. Miller to Scott A. and Terri H. Hathaway, Lands of John Kadas subdivision, County Road 224, West Dover Hundred, 11.66 acres, $405,000.

    Tara J. and Shawn P. Wallace to Gregory Tkacz, West Shore subdivision, Lot 29, 425 Kates Way, town of Smyrna, 0.18 acre, $200,000.

    Eileen C. Clark to Cassandra A. Codes-Johnson, Greenview Development subdivision, Lot 25, 212 Greenview Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 15,000 sq. ft., $219,900.

    Pointe Landing LLC to Richmond American Homes of Pennsylvania Inc., Pointe Landing subdivision, Lots 6, 79, 82 and 84, North Murderkill Hundred, $260,000.

    Anthony J. and Janae L. Aglio to James M. Vollmer, Chimney Hill subdivision, Lot 103, East Chimney Top Lane, South Murderkill Hundred, 12,187 sq. ft., $234,500.

    Conrad P. and Amanda F. Reynolds to Sean Kelly, Cypress Creek subdivision, Lot 286, 826 West Birdie Lane, North Murderkill Hundred, 14,625 sq. ft., $244,000.

    Albert N. and Dorothy M. Caulley to Lenore D. Brock, Schoolview subdivision, Lot 68, 658 Roberta Ave., city of Dover, 8,065 sq. ft., $175,000.

    The Mists LLC to Richard Curtis and Elvida Yoder, The Mists at Blairs Pond subdivision, Lot 3, Milford Hundred, $85,000.

    Lee W. Moore to Thomas E. and Rebecca Dougherty Socorso, Lands of Lee W. Moore, Lot 1, County Road 390, Milford Hundred, 1.815 acres, $293,600.

    NVR Inc. to Florence Bahemurwaki, Providence Crossing subdivision, Lot 103, Coldwater Drive, town of Clayton, 11,041 sq. ft., $269,725.33.

    Lakeshore Village Development Group to Chena I. Bain, Lakeshore Glen subdivision, Lot 5, West Goldinger Road, Little Creek Hundred, 11,999 sq. ft., $267,720.

    Westover LLC to James K. and Adwoa C. Brew-Mensah, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 391, Northdown Drive, city of Dover, 7,560 sq. ft., $209,203.33.

    Lakeshore Village Development Corp. to Timothy D. and Thelma B. Parker, Lakeshore Village subdivision, Lot 315, East Goldinger Road, Little Creek Hundred, 14,127 sq. ft., $240,000.

    Olde Field Village LLC and LHID Olde Field Village LLC to Steven Dow, Olde Field Village subdivision, Lot 5, South Murderkill Hundred, 10,396 sq. ft., $245,000.

    Stephen and Sandra Devary to Michael and Kyong Farkas, Fox Hollow subdivision, Lot 55, Fox Hollow Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 13,695 sq. ft., $249,500.

Dover building permits

    House, 324 Gillibrook Lane, Stover Homes LLC, $142,520.

    Addition, 81 Washington St., Timothy P. Layton, $1,500.

    Renovations, 1128 S. Bradford St., Delaware Solid Waste Authority, $15,000.

    Renovations, 905 S. Governors Ave., Kay McWood LLC, $48,000.

    Shed, 372 Troon Road, Jane Leverage-Willis, $2,200.

    Renovations, 926 Westview Terrace, David W. and Teresa M. Glass, $4,000.

    Addition, 614 Nimitz Road, Hampton H. and Vivian B. Trigg, $30,000.

    Windows, 43 Pine St., Rose M. Bryan, $1,462.

    Siding, 414 Alder Road, Matthew Scott, $20,000.

Kent County building permits

    Detached garage, 328 Bowers Beach Road, Shawn L. Mallak, $19,712.

    Pole building, 308 Taraila Road, James W. Luff, $8,960.

    Renovations, South DuPont Highway, Lucky Estates/Scenic Acres, $25,000.

    Pole building, 13 Legend Lane, Benjamin Leo Pate, $6,720.

    Raised roof, 23047 S. DuPont Highway, Delbert L. Dixon, $16,500.

    Addition, 1588 Morgans Choice Road, Dalton G. Neudecker, $34,100.

    Addition, 53 Pleasonton Drive, D. Brian Beckman, $17,957.

    Shed, 48 Victoria Circle, Raymond Carl Montsch, $1,400.

    Addition, 602 Milford Neck Road, John K. Vester Jr., $49,900.

    House, 265 Refuge Run, Canterbury Homes Inc., $91,212.

    Deck, 43 Pineridge Road, Ridgewood Manor II Inc., $1,649.

    Pole building, 617 Flatiron Road, Jeffrey T. Wright, $7,680.

    Renovations and porch, Delaware Avenue, Kenneth M. Sellers, $11,175.

    Pellet Stove, 856 Carrington Drive, Robert G. Clark, $1,250.

    Roofing and renovations, 2327 Crystal Road, Bret Steele, $51,300.

    Addition, 2327 Crystal Road, Bret Steele, $47,490.

    Alterations, Fox Run Drive, Shore Enterprises LLC, $1,250.

    Ramp, 73 Strawberry Drive, Shelly Yankwitt, $1,224.

    Sunroom, 101 Basswood Drive, Michael W. McGuire, $17,500.

    Agricultural building, 2158 Prospect Church Road, Robert F. Garey Jr., $7,200.

    Renovations, 140 Moccasin Path, Joerg B. Barbutes, $5,237.

    House, South High Meadow Drive, Satterfield Development LLC, $113,157.

    Fence, SHR 116, Land of Nanticoke, $1,250.

    House, Zion Drive, Timber Mills LLC, $219,485.

    Deck, 37 W. Braeburn Drive, William L. Wright II, $2,380.

    Agricultural building, 502 W. Denneys Road, William Ray Byler, $9,936.

    Shed, 8143 Park Brown Road, Dolores H. Swain, $1,344.

    Pool, 91 Trillium Drive, Jeffrey A. Hansen, $33,500.

    Shed, 565 Main St., Todd H. Moran, $1,344.

    Shed, 627 Church Hill Road, Dolores D. McConaughy, $1,176.