Deed transfers and building permits for Kent County and the city of Dover for the week of Oct. 8.


    Rita Lynn Inc. to Ronald David and Norma Jean Robbins, Rita Lynn Inc. subdivision, Lot 4A, Canterbury Road, Milford Hundred, 1.03 acres, $75,000.

    Andrea Renee Warfel to Andrew W. and Jennifer L. Stevens, Saw Mill Village subdivision, Lot 14, city of Milford, $206,000.

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas to Ethel Moore, Edgehill subdivision, Lot 80B, 721 Maple Parkway, East Dover Hundred, 10,500 sq. ft., $175,000.

    Forrest E. and Barbara J. Epler to Roy L. and Kimberly D. Eilenstine, Church Creek subdivision, Lot 79, 162 Joshua Drive, South Murderkill Hundred, 10,125 sq. ft., $245,000.

    Gemcraft Homes Forest Hill LLC to Jeremy and Melissa Stiff, Woodland Manor subdivision, Lot 93, Sequoia Drive, town of Smyrna, 3,047 sq. ft., $177,990.

    John and Sherry Calvetti to Morris Harris, Providence Crossing subdivision, Lot 112, Coldwater Drive, Kenton Hundred, $250,000.

    Jerzy Wirth to Rhonda M. Kellum, Voshell’s Cove subdivision, Lot 73, 24 Clendaniel Drive, East Dover Hundred, 23,220 sq. ft., $130,000.

    Ravi P. Dattani and Louis P. Centrella to Verna A. Lewis, Sunnyside Village subdivision, Lot 102T, 566 Barley Court, Duck Creek Hundred, $169,500.

    L&D Development Corp. to Mark R. and Ariya L. Blankenship, Barrett Farm subdivision, Lot 19, Golder Street, North Murderkill Hundred, 10,273 sq. ft., $241,727.33.

    Connect Development Inc. to Ken Young Homes LLC, Wolf Creek Village Condominium, Unit 116, Dover, $485,000.

    Lakeshore Village Development Corp. to Mark W. and Kimberly L. Hazzard, Lakeshore Glen subdivision, Lot 3, West Goldinger Road, Little Creek Hundred, 10,776 sq. ft., $289,435.33.

    Edward S. and Julie A. Johnson to Andrew Stasny, Ellen Mae Shultie Hart subdivision, Lot 4, County Road 11, Mispillion Hundred, 1.5001 acres, $260,000.

    Premier Builders Group LLC to William and Marlyn Chavis, The Greens at Wyoming subdivision, Lot 111, Filbert Drive, town of Wyoming, 2,587 sq. ft., $192,500.

    D&S Investment Company LLP to SSC 5 LLC, Walker Square Phase Two Condominium, Unit 22-1, city of Dover, $135,000.

    Westover LLC to James Leone, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 397, Northdown Drive, city of Dover, 2,200 sq. ft., $157,760.

    Mikel W. and Anita L. Rash to George B. III and Janet M. Schreppler, Harmon subdivision, Lot 1, 1425 New Burton Road, city of Dover, 1,315 sq. ft., $310,000.

    Reuben Hargraves to Corinthian T. Cuffee, Capital Park subdivision, Lot 5, 18 Senator Ave., East Dover Hundred, 8,250 sq. ft., $50,000.

    DLM LLC to NVR Inc., Hickory Hollow subdivision, Lot 34, town of Smyrna, $82,000.

    NVR Inc. to Herman G. III and Kathy M. Clough, Eagles View subdivision, Lot 30, Horizon Lane, town of Smyrna, 4,730 sq. ft., $212,515.33.

    Eagle View Associates LLC to NVR Inc., Eagle’s View subdivision, Lots 130 to 135, town of Smyrna, $210,000.

    Taylor E. III and Margaret A. Hoynes to Daniel D. Walsh and Kerin Hume, Gardenside subdivision, Lot 83, South Street, town of Smyrna, 4,444 sq. ft., $240,000.

    Champions Club Homes LP to Lawrence R. and Ila J. Beebe, Champions’ Club at Jonathan’s Landing subdivision, Lot 45, Augusta National Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 7,797 sq. ft., $269,103.33.

    Tidcro LLC to Cristina Colon, Tidbury Crossing subdivision, Lot 60, 32 Fellowship Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 1,927 sq. ft., $185,000.

    Lakeshore Village Development Corp. to John W. Jr. and Tarsha N. Spencer, Lakeshore Village subdivision, Lot 314, East Goldinger Road, Little Creek Hundred, 14,084 sq. ft., $266,180.

    John C. and Joyce A. Wanzel to Richard T. Seger, Burtonwood Village subdivision, Lot 62, 100 Brian Drive, Duck Creek Hundred, 14,389 sq. ft., $258,000.

    Barbara Lee Oeller to Quality Investors LLC, Voshells Cove subdivision, Lot 78, County Road 160, East Dover Hundred, 16,381 sq. ft., $87,500.

    Esther M. Carnill and Kenneth E. Howell to Levi B. and Margaret A. May, Lands of Jerome L. and Barabara A. Caldwell subdivision, Lot 1, 2939 Seven Hickories Road, Kenton Hundred, 0.948 acre, $294,250.

    NVR Inc. to Vincent p. Cipollone and Erika Oprena-Rabinowitz, Willowwood subdivision, Lot 1, Red Maple Road, Duck Creek Hundred, $334,990.

    Christopher R. Davis to Chios Investments LLC, Brandywine Court Condominium, Unit C-21, East Dover Hundred, 723 sq. ft., $48,000.

    Red School LLC to James J. Wili, Coursey’s Point subdivision, Lot 137, Byo Drive, Milford Hundred, $230,000.

    Gary Robert and Melissa K. Moore to Carl and Patty Deputy, Felton West subdivision, Lot 42, Courtney Lane, town of Felton, 8,494 sq. ft., $190,000.

    Saxton C. and Mary A. Lambertson to Rachael S. Allmond, Edgehill Acres subdivision, Lot 108, East Loockerman Street, city of Dover, 13,500 sq. ft., $187,000.

    Irish Hill Associates LLC to Jefferson L. and Anneke J. Cerri, Pinehurst Village subdivision, Lot 37, 188 Stonebridge Drive, South Murderkill Hundred, 10,501.2 sq. ft., $282,251.33.

    Irish Hill Associates LLC to Ashley J. Lincoln, Pinehurst Village subdivision, Lot 65, Redstone Court, South Murderkill Hundred, 10,739.6 sq. ft., $249,200.

    Karen S. Connolley to Adam R. Smith, William B. and Margaret H. Clark Lots subdivision, Lot 2, 150 East St., West Dover Hundred, 0.5 acre, $192,900.

    Marvin S. and Betty Ann Miller to Ronald O. Szewczyk, 844 Big Ditch Road, West Dover Hundred, 2.18 acres, $239,900.

    Sophia M. Cameron to Joan L. Muschner and Patrick D. McCoy Jr., 5760 Westville Road, West Dover Hundred, 41,372 sq. ft., $65,000.

    Todd and Angela Hassler to Jessier Vanderlipe Balfantz, The Meadows at Chestnut Ridge subdivision, Lot 37, 102 Heartleaf Lane, North Murderkill Hundred, 10,163 sq. ft., $250,000.

    John M. and bonnie L. Diehl to Kenneth J. and Nancy Venutolo, Grandview Meadows subdivision, Lot 41, Mystic Lane, North Murderkill Hundred, 11,442, sq. ft., $203,000.

    Stover Homes LLC to Tomeka Crawford, Nottingham Meadows subdivision, Lot 14, Derbyshire Avenue, East Dover Hundred, 10,812 sq. ft., $238,969.33.

Dover building permits

    Commercial building, 410 to 414 Federal St., State of Delaware, $26,842,368.
    Commercial building, 27 W. Loockerman St., Victorian Apartments LLC, $5,000.
    Renovations, 1365 N. DuPont Highway, Dover Mall LP, $15,000.
    Windows, 500 N. State St., James G. McGiffin, $11,860.
    Renovations, 31 Washington St., John P. and Donna L. McNemar, $7,000.
    Renovations, 97 Commerce Way, Del Homes Catalog Group LLC, $30,000.
    Addition, 311 Paradee Drive, Patricia A. Keels, $2,000.
    Renovations, 712 Independence Blvd., Maurice G. and Yvonne Scott, $3,100.
    Shed, 1390 Old Whiteoak Road, Justin L. Presson, $1,197.
    Windows, 163 Irma St., Barbara G. Hill, $5,200.

Kent County building permits

    Shed, 16 Birchbrook Court, Robert J. Harper, $2,016.
    Sign, U.S. Route 13, Liborio 3 LLC, $18,500.
    House, North Marshview Terrace, Pointe Landing LLC, $152,313.
    House, North Marshview Terrace, Pointe Landing LLC, $149,687.
    House, North Marshview Terrace, Pointe Landing LLC, $153,828.
    House, North Marshview Terrace, Pointe Landing LLC, $135,183.
    House, Farmhouse Trail, Trey Inc., $115,081.
    Sign, 50 Rabbit Chase Lane, Christine N. Simpson, $1,200.
    Commercial building, Park Brown Road, Harrington Apartment, $1,300,000.
    Detached garage, 1353 Yoder Drive, Steven W. Rose, $16,896.
    Renovations, 156 S. Governors Boulevard, Johnnie Harris, $4,590.
    House, 186 Ashfield Court, Twin Willows Development LLC, $110,328.
    Deck, 55 S. Timothy Court, Melody M. Ochoa-Campagna, $5,814.
    Shed, 822 Turkey Point Road, George R. Sodder, $1,246.
    Addition, 2244 Dyke Branch Road, Denelda A. Coppock, $38,400.
    Garage, 727 Ponderosa Drive, John R. Murray, $13,110.
    House, Edinburgh Court, The Mists LLC, $112,129.
    House, Burnite Mill Road, Thomas F. Hunt, $110,582.
    Pole building, Parkers Chapel Road, William N. Nickerson Jr., $4,800.
    Addition, 113 N. Fairfield Drive, Valerie Dawn Graham, $3,640.
    Addition, 649 Allabands Mill Road, Theodore G. Layton, $2,808.
    House, Pembrooke Drive, Pulte Home Corporation, $159,742.
    House, Pembrooke Drive, Pulte Home Corporation, $159,742.
    Deck, 7016 Vernon Road, Richard W. Kauffman, $4,896.
    Finished basement, Tern Court, Richmond American Homes of Pennsylvania, $2,601.
    Deck, 266 E. Braeburn Drive, Charles W. Scharnagle, $1,360.
    Deck, 988 Abbotts Pond Road, Edwin Mark Johnson, $4,692.
    House, Peggy Court, North State Street Properties, $143,132.
    Fireplace, 94 Lea Court, Michael O. McCann, $1,250.
    Woodstove, 122 Deer Track Lane, Raymond A. Gingerich, $1,250.
    House, Red Maple Road, Willowwood Development Inc., $159,028.
    Deck, 893 Raven Circle, Thomas A. Artis, $2,159.
    Pole building, 1043 Beebe Road, Joseph B. Evans, $2,400.
    Porch roof, 452 Fawn Path Drive, Alfred Sharp, $1,232.
    Pole building, 4938 Bryants Corner Road, Brian E. McCaffrey, $7,200.
    Decks, 4 Gardenia Boulevard, William A. Wilson Jr., $10,693.
    Carport, 115 Stevenson Drive, Thomas L. McDonald, $4,200.
    Alterations, 26 Consuelo Drive, Terrence Igo, $5,350.
    Pool, 4392 Johnnycake Landing Road, Robyn L. Rullo, $7,799.
    Shed, 1816 Mt. Friendship Road, Christine R. Gordy, $2,016.
    Woodstove, 6085 Mud Mill Road, Lenore Pederson, $1,250.
    House, Zion Drive, Timber Mills LLC, $222,198.
    Agricultural building, SHR 78, Donald F. McHugh, $22,500.
    Pool, 1183 Sunnyside Road, Mark A. Craven, $19,790.
    Agricultural building, SHR 100, John E. Foltz Jr., $347,328.
    Shed, 415 Barratt’s Chapel Road, Joseph M. Lopez, $4,032.
    Pellet stove, 906 Red Bird Lane, Earl L. Custer, $1,250.
    Pool, 203 Wind Song Drive, Freda A. Sheats, $17,750.
    Shed, 10359 Westville Road, Karen Bacon, $1,344.