Deeds and permits from 5/28 edition

    Worthington Development Inc. to William D. Spence, Worthington subdivision, Lot 356, 1 Montclair Drive, Town of Smyrna, 5,366 sq. ft., $187,000.
    Homes by Design LLC to Ronald W. and Kimberly J. Pant, Second Avenue, Mispillion Hundred, 7,502 sq. ft., $205,000.
    Jason S. and Wendy S. Jackson to Natasha L. McCausland, Heatherfield subdivision, Lot 283, 164 Stoney Drive, City of Dover, 5,253 sq. ft., $180,000.
    Duane A. Richardson to Kathy J. Roberts, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 442, 416 Worchester Drive, City of Dover, 6,025 sq. ft., $214,000.
    Eugene I. Slacum to Johnathan R. Welch, Woodcrest subdivision, Lot 7, 855 Schoolhouse Lane, East Dover Hundred, $199,000.
    Blenheim at Emerald Pointe LLC to Balwinder Singh and Baljit Kaur, Emerald Pointe subdivision, Lot 14, 439 Topaz Circle, City of Dover, 10,250 sq. ft., $314,701.33.
    Hammond Farm LLC to John R. III and Patricia M. Luff, Abbots Pond Acres subdivision, Lot 84, Patty’s Way, City of Dover, 3 acres, $200,000.
    Barbara Kawczynski to William P. and Elizabeth W. Livingston, Woodbrook Section I subdivision, Lot 13, Woodsedge Drive, City of Dover, $230,000.
    Harley Development LLC to Bernadette M. Brown, Brenford Woods subdivision, Lot 89, 269 Century Drive, Kenton Hundred, 10,200 sq. ft., $341,890.
    Stover Homes LLC to Earl P. and Joanne M. Tanis, Stone Ridge subdivision, Lot 20, Stone Ridge Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 14,525 sq. ft., $374,262.
    Larry E. Knopf and Jerry L. Manley Sr. to Fred E. and Etta M. Oehler, Arthur Huddle subdivision, Lot 9, County Road 101, Kenton Hundred, .374 acres, $120,000.
    DLM LLC to Ryan C. and Ayesha D. Jamison, Hickory Hollow subdivision, Lot 141, 65 Pebble Creek Drive, Town of Smyrna, 9,352 sq. ft., $328,431.33.
    Frank Gregory and Carol A. Hrupsa to Beth W. Miller, Lot 3, 310 Gun and Rod Club Road, Mispillion Hundred, 3.061 acres, $355,500.
    Raymond J. Bokialka to John W. Mauchly and Alma V. Santiago, Sandy Hill subdivision, Lot 38, 163 North High Hill Road, North Murderkill Hundred, .36 acres, $259,900.
    NVR Inc. to Dustin H. and Catherine M. Coleman, Eagles View subdivision, Lot 38, Green’s Branch Lane, Town of Smyrna, 2,425 sq. ft., $206,415.33.
    NVR Inc. to Fallon E. Cromer and Robert C. Geesaman Jr., Eagles View subdivision, Lot 41, Greens Branch Lane, Town of Smyrna, 4,180 sq. ft., $200,465.33.
    Chetty Holdings of Delaware LLC to Robyn E. Harper, The Greens at Wyoming subdivision, Lot 27, 64 Fieldmaple Drive, Wyoming, 5,694 sq. ft., $199,600.
    Ryan and Cheryl Gallager to John Michael Urso, Misty Pines subdivision, Lot 55, 62 Breezy Pines Road, South Murderkill Hundred, 32,871 sq. ft., $235,000.
    Irish Hill Associates LLC to James and Melissa Christoforo, Pinehurst subdivision, Lot 87, Redstone Court, South Murderkill Hundred, 10,015.6 sq. ft., $279,695.33
    Shore Enterprises LLC to Deborah L. Anderson, Fox Hollow subdivision, Lot 45, Fox Run Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 15,425 sq. ft., $207,000.
    Christopher P. and Gina L. Cozzi to Bryan K. Beck, Eagles Nest subdivision, Lot 5, 204 Eagle Nest Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 13,860 sq. ft., $240,000.
    Wilkinson Meadow LP to Thomas R. and Elaine F. Garrison, Spring Meadow subdivision, Lot 25, Sorrell Circle, Duck Creek Hundred, 8,391 sq. ft., $460,985.33.
    U.S. Bank National Association to Eric and Laura Thornley, Flowing Acres subdivision, Lot 10, Delaware Route 14, Mispillion Hundred, 42,898 sq. ft., $199,000.
    U.S. Bank N.A. to Steven M. White, Village of Westover subdivision, Lot 177, 418 Charring Cross Drive, City of Dover, 5,505 sq. ft., $157,000.
    BF Real Estate Ventures LLC to Justin T. and Denise J. Greiner, Fairfield Farms subdivision, Lot 43, Wildswood Road, North Murderkill Hundred, 32,321.38 sq. ft., $106,000.
    Shirley A. Hawkins to Lawrence R. Wilcox, Chimney Hill subdivision, Lot 123, 238 North Ember Drive, South Murderkill Hundred, 12,805 sq. ft., $219,000.
    Beiser Group LLC to Eastside Properties 10 LLC, Gateway West Shopping Center subdivision, Forrest Avenue, City of Dover, 33,451 sq. ft., $500,000.
    Archie D. Terrell to David and Frances Lewis, Smyrna Parkway Manor subdivision, Lot 59, 128 Oak Drive, Town of Smyrna, 7,773 sq. ft., $133,500.
    Saint Josephs at Providence Creek and Providence Creek Academy Charter School, The St. Josephs Project Foundation subdivision, Lot 1, Kenton Hundred, 33.152 acres, $1,500,000.
    Gertrude N. Maltese to Matthew R. Dudderar, Fox Hall subdivision, Lot 72, 32 Gleneagles Court, City of Dover, 15,683 sq. ft., $252,000.
    Marcella M. Jones to Lucas Demolen Properties LLC, Mallard Pond subdivision, Lot 39, 255 North Caroline Place, City of Dover, 12,054 sq. ft., $195,000.
    NVR Inc. to Alan H. and Catherine E. Lerner, Providence Crossing subdivision, Lot 379, Massey Branch Road, Town of Clayton, 11,895 sq. ft., $300,890.
    Goodnow Homes Corporation to Linville and Hazel Williams, Edgehill subdivision, Lot 85, 50 Greenhill Avenue, City of Dover, 9,100 sq. ft., $180,000.
    Willowwood One LLC to Willowwood Development Inc., WillowWood subdivision, Lots 1 to 17, 38 to 52, 77 to 85, 98 to 119, 126, 128 to 131, 304 to 308 and 404 to 414, Duck Creek Hundred, $3,283,110.
    Brenford Road Associates LLC to Willowwood Development Inc., WillowWood subdivision, Lots 211 to 213, 309, 336, 337 and 365, Duck Creek Hundred, $276,890.
    Gemcraft Homes Inc. to Seth A. and Janelle M. Rann, The Reserve at Chestnut Hill Section 1 & 2, Lot 138, 77 Bushel Circle, North Murderkill Hundred, 12,920 sq. ft., $307,750.
    Willard White Properties LLC to Richelli Builders LLC, Harrington Meadows subdivision, Lots 1 to 20, Meadow Wood Lane, Mispillion Hundred, 1.488 acres, $225,000.
    Catherine R. Dodgen and Jacqueline D. Reader to Harry and Lisa Whiteman, Hidden Oaks subdivision, Lot 24, Pin Oak Drive, East Dover Hundred, 19,506 sq. ft., $267,000.
    Jim Higdon to Willie Jr. and Eartha M. Elsberry, Briar Park subdivision, Lot 9, North Murderkill Hundred, $88,000.
    Timothy J. and Lauren M. Daut to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., Rockland Hills subdivision, Lot 58, Ridgewood Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 25,530 sq. ft., $371,250.
    Worthington Development Inc. to William E. McNamire Jr., Worthington subdivision, Lot 357, 3 Montclair Drive, Duck Creek Hundred, 2,200 sq. ft., $165,000.
    Red School LLC to Robert M. Butkus, Blairs Pond Estates Section III, Lot 113, Gardenia Boulevard, Milford Hundred, $326,666.
    Laureltowne LLC to Susan J. Infante, Laureltowne subdivision, Lot 35, Phillips Drive, North Murderkill Hundred, 10,010 sq. ft., $257,346.

Dover building permits
    Renovations, 1131 N. DuPont Highway, Dover Downs Inc., $600,000.
    Addition, 101 Maple Glen Drive, Walter W. and Karen B. Speakman, $4,080.
    Addition, 17 N. Prestwick Court, Christopher B. and Kath A. Crowell, $2,000.
    Addition, 219 W. Persimmon Circle, William C. and Katharine E. Uecker, $2,200.
    Addition, 650 Roberta Avenue, Donald P. and Carol K. Saint, $20,000.
    Roofing, 807 S. State St., Andrew A. and Laurie D. Willet, $1,900.
    Siding, 820 New Castle Avenue, Mitchell R. Lomax, $7,662.

Kent County building permits
    Fence, State Route 12, United Cerbral Palsy, $1,386.
    Sign, 3728 N. DuPont Highway, Philemon N. Hill, $13,000.
    Addition, 59 Attix Drive, Michael L. Watson, $28,100.
    Addition, 34 Rockville Drive, Kelly Knight, $7,200.
    House, 263 Ashton Court, Peter M. Kramer, $124,643.
    Deck and Screen Sunroom, 69 Esker Circle, Bruce W. Harwood, $3,192.
    Basement, 146 India Drive, Kenya Carroll, $2,586.
    Sign, Lebanon Road, North Street Associates LLC, $1,200.
    Deck and Fence, 111 Mystic Lane, Andrew J. Pratt, $4,337.
    Sign, Route 113-A, Linkside HHMO Center LLC, $1,475.
    Deck, 525 S. Carter Road, Darlene F. Barkley, $2,414.
    House, 1972 Vernon Road, Dorothy L. Nichols, $101,236.
    House, Amberwood Court, DE Prop LLC, $140,493.
    Pool, 81 Dodge Drive, Richard Moerman Jr., $3,516.
    Shed, 157 Country Field Drive, Dewey L. Whittaker, $1,344.
    Pole Building, 10606 S. DuPont Highway, Roland W. Lomax Jr., $25,600.
    Deck, 485 Stone Ridge Drive, David Clayton, $1,088.
    Porch, U.S. Route 113A, High Point Associates LP, $4,560.
    Sunroom, 710 S. Wynn Wood Circle, Richard M. Boryszewski, $3,135.
    Deck, 158 Hopwell Drive, Brian Migliavacca, $1,530.
    Pole Building, 120 Unity Lane, Elijah Worthy Sr., $15,000.
    House, East Windswept Circle, Ashish Shah, $313,909.
    Sunroom, 275 Great Geneva Drive, Robert H. Shepherd, $7,326.
    Carport, 331 Owls Nest Road, Michael Payes, $7,440.
    Garage, 1774 Arthursville Road, Joseph T. Simpler Jr., $15,180.
    Deck, Judith Road, Fiduciary Holding Corp., $2,958.
    Bathroom Addition, SHR 355, Arthur A. Weeks Jr., $7,300.
    Porch and Siding, 1895 Jump School House Road, Stanley C. Little, $2,780.
    Deck, 64 E. Willington Mews, Claude L. Forbes, $1,913.
    House, 2213 Tower Road, Joyce V. Abbate, $89,620.
    Decks, 5604 Westville Road, J. Patrick Callahan, $8,976.
    Shed, 276 Saundra St., Jerry Pisciotta, $1,344.
    House, Honeysuckle Road, Samuel J. Miller, $186,752.
    Deck, 64 Lea Avenue, Angel D. Aguilar Jr., $3,910.
    Fireplace, Sorrell Circle, Wilkinson Meadow LP, $1,250.
    House, Arrowood Drive, Citation Development Inc., $185,500.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $78,900.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $81,625.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $81,625.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $78,900.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $81,625.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $81,625.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $81,625.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $81,625.
    House, Bay Hill Lane, RJZ Investment Trust, $78,900.
    Deck, 804 Downs Chapel Road, Barry Davison, $2,346.
    Garage, 114 Tanglewood Drive, Thomas W. Wilmire, $7,200.
    Deck, 19 Ronald Rich Boulevard, Joseph A. Reinhardt, $2,448.
    Basement, Chipman Drive, North State Street Properties, $3,140.
    Deck, 348 Otter Way, Joyce L. Welch, $1,632.
    Deck, U.S. Route 13, Pinewood Acres LLC, $1,921.
    Shed, 28 Reed St., Michael B. Bichy, $3,024.
    Siding, 208 Ashton Court, Brock C. Bentz, $11,100.
    Deck, 278 Lakshman Trail, John F. Smolinski, $3,961.
    Shed, 140 Big Oak Road, Allan B. Carpenter Jr., $3,840.
    Pole Barn, 594 Black Swamp Road, Peter J. Tritton, $32,760.
    Shed, 400 Harrington Avenue, David W. Masten, $1,848.
    Metal Roof, 11 St. Agnes St., Menie A. Stegall, $2,880.
    Side Sheds, 595 Black Swamp Road, Linly Acres LLC, $8,640.
    Siding, U.S. Route 13, CTW Properties LLC, $2,400.
    Fence, 82 Iverson Court, Michael T. Hofstetter, $1,490.
    Deck, 2976 Mud Mill Road, Kit Smoot, $3,740.
    Fence, US Route 13, Green Diamond Builders LLC, $1,050.
    Agricultural Building, Irish Hill Road, William J. Wood, $8,496.
    Pool, 248 S. Ember Drive, Michael T. Taylor, $6,702.
    Pool, 320 Golf Links Lane, George D. Anderson, $12,300.
    Siding, 23 Taber Court, Ronald W. McCoy, $7,500.
    Pool, 4650 Holletts Corner Road, Aaron M. Bright, $3,999.
    Pool, 255 Ruyter Drive, Larry Linaweaver, $28,975.
    Agricultural Farm Building, 2300 Bryants Corner Road, Harvey N. Yoder, $8,064.
    Fence, Andalusian Lane, Michael C. Van Orden, $3,290.
    Fence, 3528 S. DuPont Boulevard, Ewing & Ewing Properties LLC, $1,005.
    Pool, 4496 Firetower Road, Amber L. Rains, $2,799.
    Fence, 11 Lake Crest Drive, Dr. Richard Sherman, $1,375.
    Fence, 60 Mannering Drive, Corey J. Miklus, $1,150.
    Fence, 17 Fox Run Drive, Jessica T. Davis, $1,240.
    Deck, 110 Southern View Drive, Jackson Bernadin, $4,760.
    Shed, 4340 Firetower Road, Jacqueline Hughes, $1,400.
    Pool, 371 Masters Lane, Robert Seward, $12,500.
    Fence, 46 Mannering Drive, Gary S. Rost, $1,700.
    Agricultural Building, SHR 59, David W. Marvel, $2,880.